SERIOUS: You Are the Guardian of the Gate: Guarding Your Mind

You Are the Guardian of the Gate: Guarding Your Mind:

You are the guardian of the gate: guarding your mind is serous business. Picture your mind as if it were a castle. The drawbridge is down and the entire village is free to come and go as they please! In this state, you are vulnerable. Every single person in the village has a free range of your castle. Some of the villagers have negative thoughts about Royalty (rich people). Some of them complain about their lives daily (we all know some of these people). You are completely responsible (you are in charge) of guarding the gate (your mind).

With the drawbridge down or wide-open, negativity infects your troops with their ugliness. Do you think this harms you? You bet it does.

Guarding your castle (guarding your mind) is a serious business. You are the guardian of the gate and you are responsible for what comes in and what doesn’t. Perhaps it’s time to pull the drawbridge up and be more selective in who and what you let in?

Guarding Your Mind

Have you ever heard the phrase “children are like sponges?” They absorb everything around them and they learn at an incredible rate, don’t they? Guess what? That never stops. Our brains are constantly capturing and recording every single detail of our lives from the moment we are born.

This recording our brain makes it uses to help us make decisions immediately, without thinking. Our brain will compute years and years of data and allow us to make a decision rapidly based on our experience and the consequences of what we have seen, or been through from birth.

Guarding your mind against negativity, anxiety, and worry is paramount. If you allow yourself to be subjected to these emotions, your brain will not function like it needs to. How come? Because it will rewire itself and only concentrate on the negativity, anxiety, and worry (or fear or any other negative emotion you allowed to infiltrate or infect you). “You get that which you focus upon.”

Why Guarding Your Mind Is Critical

Being the guardian of the gate and guarding your mind is not that difficult. Numerous battles are “playing out” right outside “your castle” which you have no control over. You do, however, have complete control of the drawbridge, or the “gate” of your mind!

Avoid Negative Situations Including Negative People

You must stay away from negativity at all costs. When you interact with negative people or allow yourself to be involved in situations that give you negative emotions, your brain will not escape. You are not strong enough, nor is your brain, to “shield” yourself from negativity.

Negativity will have a profound, devastating impact on you. The only way to prevent this is not to allow negativity to enter your castle (brain) and run amuck. You must guard yourself against negative people and situations at all costs. Why?

Negativity attracts negativity and if you “become it,” you will “attract it”. You are the company that you keep.

Avoid Unhappy Thoughts

You are the guardian of the gate: guarding your mind is serous business. The saying goes, “If there is no enemy within, no enemies outside cannot harm you.”

The enemy within, your inner voice” is a demon. Your inner voice preys upon your weakness, whatever weakness you may have (all of us have different pain points based on our experiences in life) Your inner voice uses your weakness to keep you “right where you are.”

Our inner voice is a tool our brain uses to keep us from getting hurt. Unfortunately, our brains don’t know that the same things 1,000 years ago that could hurt us, don’t exist anymore. We are in serious need of an upgrade, but we haven’t had one.

Our very own negative thoughts, emotions, and unhappy feelings have much more of an impact on us than those outside our walls. We believe a percentage of the things we hear from others, but we believe 100% of the things we tell ourselves. If you are thinking negative or unnecessary thoughts, you are causing more damage to your psyche than any enemy could ever possibly cause.

It is paramount to our happiness and ultimate success, that we guard our mind from our very own thoughts (I know this sounds strange, but I will tell you how to do this in a minute)

How to Guard Your Mind

You understand why it’s so important to guard your mind, but how?


I know, I know. Shaving your head and sitting on top of a mountain and saying ” ommm” over and over doesn’t sound like you! You don’t have to go to the extreme meditating (nothing against Monks though)
Meditating for just 20 minutes a day will have a profound impact on your life. You will be able to turn off your negative thoughts eventually (it takes time to master meditation). The results are instant, but you will get stronger and stronger over the years that you practice meditation.

The ability to turn off your inner voice (which exploits your weaknesses) is the “hands down” the best way to avoid inner destruction. Having control of your mind, your thoughts are a surefire way to keep the enemy within at bay.

Inner Peace

Inner peace refers to a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace in the face of discord or stress. Being “at peace” is considered to be healthy and the opposite of being stressed or anxious. I think we can both agree that being stressed or anxious is not a healthy feeling (we’ve all felt it at one time or another).

  • Stop dwelling on the past – you can’t change it
  • Stop worrying about the future
  • Live in the moment – don’t waste the precious moment you are in thinking about the past or the future that you can’t control.
  • Look inward for peace, external factors (money, relationships, etc.) should not be allowed to impact your state of consciousness. Don’t allow external factors to control your emotions or feelings.
  • Be grateful for what you have, not concerned about the things you don’t! Keep in mind that people are praying, right now, for the things you take for granted.

When you become aware of the things that are causing you not to have a feeling of inner peace, you will know what areas of your life you need to change.

  • Perhaps it’s the people you interact with?
  • Perhaps it’s your perspective?
  • Perhaps it’s the things you allow your mind to think about (you have control of your thoughts)

What Will I Get From Guarding the Gate: Guarding My Mind

  • A positive outlook on life (life is good!)
  • Solutions to problems not more problems
  • Happiness
  • Less worry
  • Gratitude for the things you have
  • Calmness and a lack of conflict in our lives
  • More trust in the Universe (surrendering and allowing the tide to do what the tide does)
  • Diminished fear
  • The tendency to be less judgmental towards situations, others and ourselves
  • Abundance in every aspect of your life (financial, spiritual, etc.)

Why Do We Lack Inner Peace

We lack inner peace because we have not been guarding the gate, our minds. As time goes by and we get older and older, we absorb more and more. It is critical that we don’t absurd the wrong things, but we do!

Let’s go back to when we were little kids. Did you have specific beliefs about certain situations? No. If you hadn’t experienced a situation – you were open!

Did you have any fears? I don’t mean fears from fire or heights, I mean fears of failure or something not working out? No. You were optimistic as a child. Everything was possible for you because our world (other people) hadn’t taught you to put limitations on your beliefs yet. You lived in a fairy tale land where your imagination ran rampant.

Did you have any regrets? Not yet you didn’t! Did you have any doubts or anxieties? No. You learned these things as you got older. Imagine not having learned all these things that have kept you from believing you could “fly” all these years. Imagine still believing that your stuffed animals could come to life (did yours talk?). Imagine if you still had all the wonder of your childhood. Where would you be right now? Would you be working at a job you are less than thrilled to be getting out of bed every day and going to?

Guarding Our Mind Is The Key To Unlocking Our Ability

My point is this, we limit our abilities when we don’t guard our mind and we allow society to put limitations on our capabilities. It’s never too late to change things around. It’s never too late to pull up the drawbridge and change our mindset and ultimately our lives.


Your mind is incredibly powerful and incredibly capable of making your wildest dreams come true. The problem with this is we limit our mind, our potential, by allowing negative thoughts, situations, people, etc. to enter.

You are the guardian of the gate: guarding your mind is serous business. If you were a King or Queen of a castle, would you let your guards have the day off? It could mean death. Your mind is a castle, guard it like your life depends on it because it does.

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Philip Isaac

"I hope there are days that excite you like when you were a little kid. I hope the oceans on our planet enable you to feel the magnitude of what our Universe has in store for you. I hope you laugh and cry tears of gratitude every single day." - Philip Isaac

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  1. Lindsay N,

    I find I struggle with this sort of thing. I have a difficult time letting go of negativity – whether it is my own or from outside influences. I have been trying to be more mindful of these influences.

  2. Victor

    Guarding the mind should start first thing in the morning. I like to start my day with a 20 minute workout (during which I also listen/watch a motivational audio/video). Then, after I have worked my body and are awake, I immediately like to turn down my engines and meditate for 10-15 minutes. And then I get down on my knees and give thanks for all the amazing people and things I have in my life. Doing this protects my mind and makes me much more resistant to negative thoughts, emotions and reactions.

  3. Kendrick J

    A good thing to do everyday when you wake up is to be grateful for one thing. It’s not that easy to do but the simplest thing can help walk the path of gratitude and slowly build a very optimistic outlook on life (and diminish stress drastically).

  4. Tiffany

    “As a man thinketh, so shall he be.” –Once again, Isaac did a beautiful job of breaking down a lofty concept into bite-sized morsels that are easy to digest. I always love it when ideas hailing from ancient wisdom traditions get met with modern research that fully supports their validity. Guarding one’s mind is an excellent example.

    Just like other articles I’ve read of his, Isaac prompts us to take responsibility for our emotions and cognitions. Not only that, but he explains HOW and why, offering data, examples, and behavioral suggestions that are easy to understand and implement. I’ve seen blogs about healthy living that leave me feeling like I need to do a full 180 with my lifestyle. But this piece offers realistic tools I can integrate into my daily living, and I appreciate that.

  5. Ruggeri

    “Guarding your mind against negativity, anxiety, and worry is paramount. If you allow yourself to be subjected to these emotions, your brain will not function like it needs to.“
    In my opinion, anxiety should be allowed in a controlling way. Allowing fear is not bad as long as it is not a permanent condition. Because anxiety damages body and soul because it causes very strong stress in the body. Permanent anxiety damages and weakens the immune system. However, in my opinion it is important to be anxious, as long as you keep “control”. Anxiety is healthy if it protects us from physical and mental damage by being very cautious because of the anxiety or by not doing anything at all that could harm our body and soul. For example, it makes sense for a woman to be afraid to walk alone in the woods or in a lonely city park at night.

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