Taking Things for Granted

Taking things for granted is something we are all guilty of. What do we take for granted…. everything!

  • health
  • vision
  • ability to walk
  • the fact that we can talk
  • being able to hear
  • sense of touch
  • loved ones
  • The roof over our heads
  • Clean running water
  • Our lives

We take everything for granted. Acting as if what we have, we will always have, oblivious to the fact that it could all change in an instant.


Perhaps we are too busy concerning ourselves with what we don’t have. Interesting! If we “had the things we don’t have” we’d take them for granted too!


Failing to recognize and appreciate the things you have in your life is the root cause of unhappiness.

If we are constantly concerning ourselves with what we don’t have opposed to what we do have – we will never feel like we have enough. Why are we not happy about the fact that we are driving a car that is old, instead of begin happy that we have a car – for example. We tend not to be happy about having and old cell phone, instead of being happy that we have a cell phone – for example.

When is the last time you turned the faucet on in your kitchen and thanked the universe for clean running water? Taking things for granted is easy to do. Taking things for granted also has a profound effect on our happiness. If you were happy about all the things that you had, you’d be the happiest person on the planet. Wouldn’t you?

Don’t take things for granted, Be present

Don’t worry about the future or cry about the past, be grateful for what you have in this very moment. Sure, you have less than some, but you also have more than some.

Go for a walk and focus on all the things you will never take for granted for the rest of your life. If you can walk – that is something you shouldn’t take for granted. If you can hear a bird chirp, that too is something you shouldn’t take for granted.  You get the idea – give it a shot.

You have much to be grateful for, acknowledge it!

Have you recognized something that you are taking for granted? Share it with us!





Philip Isaac

Philip Isaac is the founder of Electrified Mind. He is determined to reach the highest level of personal development as humanly possible by interacting with other world leaders through the Electrified Mind Podcast and absorbing all the knowledge they have to offer (you should join him). His overwhelming desire to make other people feel how he feels about life, drives him.

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  1. Wow!! Such powerful words and hits right to the heart. I dont think theres a day that goes by that I dont remind myself there are many others that have it worse than me. I actually know my bad days arent really that bad but, its easy to get into the habit of even taking good days for granted. Your words really speak volumes. Keep ut up 😊

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