The Best Ways To Stay Motivated

I don't know if you and I have this in common, but here goes! I have ideas! I'm a dreamer and I have great ideas all the time! Mix my ideas with my entrepreneurial nature and I have 2 solid business ideas or inventions almost daily. I used to have problems staying motivated to make the ideas I … Continue reading

How To Manipulate Yourself Into Getting Stuff Done

How do you manipulate yourself into getting shit done! Well, you've come to the right place! I have listed a bunch of tactics which I learned from having been manipulated by someone who "loved me" my entire life! You can start using these immediately to motivate yourself in a manipulative way to … Continue reading

How To Become Smarter Even If You Are Dumb As A Rock

How do you become smarter even if you are dumb as a rock? I'm going to say it's safe to assume you don't have this problem? But, you certainly know someone who does (you know who they are). You could share this post with them, it could help! Disclaimer: If you are going to share this post with … Continue reading

Crossing the Line and Disrespecting Boundaries

Crossing the Line and Disrespecting Boundaries Knowing what is ok with you and what is not ok with you is one thing. Expressing what is ok with you and not ok with you with others is another! When people cross the line and disrespect something that is not ok with you, it is important that they … Continue reading

Serious MUST EAT Nutrition and Memory Food

Nutrition and Memory Food: Healthy body, healthy mind! Nutrition and memory food play an integral part in our overall wellbeing. Certain foods support our brain function and that is what we are going to be talking about today! Eating healthy reduces the risk of disease and provides the body with … Continue reading