Success takes time but not that much

Success takes time but not that much

I was the little kid in the backseat of the car that asked my parents “are we there yet” every 10 minutes (even when we drove cross country.) However, this article is not about how annoying I was as a child, it is about hard work and patience (patience being a “virtue” – according to my mother) Sucess takes time, but not that much.

We live in a world where “we want what we want, and we want it now”. What’s wrong with that? That mentality sets us up to fail, that’s what’s wrong with that. We don’t get what we want in a short period of time, so we stop trying, or quit (which is failure). 

Why Is Success So Hard?

Success is so hard because those around you, your family and friends, don’t see what you see. They don’t see you as “greatness,” they see you as the person they have known all their lives, someone “just like them.” They might not see you as “greatness” because they don’t see themselves as greatness. Perhaps they love you very much and they want what’s best for you, so they don’t want to see you get hurt (to fail or to embarrass yourself in front of the entire world).

Success is hard because everyone around you will be ignoring your efforts, especially those closest to you. Success is hard because it takes resources you don’t have. Success is hard, sure. But, success doesn’t take that long.

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10,000 Hour Rule

It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert (accordioning to Malcolm Gladwell). Have you heard that before? Become an expert in 10,ooo hours, increase your value to others and then charge them to do the things you are better than they are at doing (you’re the expert). Oh, the sweet, sweet economy! Success takes time but not that much! Are we there yet?

The “10k hour rule” helps us understand something greater than the hours it implies it takes to achieve greatness, or “expertise.” This rule implies that it takes a lot of time. Does 3 years sound like a long time to you?

If you spent 64hrs a week for 3 years on whatever it is that you are trying to achieve…you will have spent 10,000 hours doing it. That doesn’t really sound like a long time to me. In today’s society, most people are no different than I was, when I was a little kid. They want to “be there” now. Does that sound like someone you know?

To think that we can become “an expert” in that short of a time period, to me…. is astonishing. If I said to you “3 years from now you could have a business pulling in more money than you ever imagined possible because you are so good at doing whatever it is that you set out to accomplish (you know more about it that anybody else) to the extent that people will pay you good money for it,” you’d probably be on board with that, wouldn’t you? Sign me up! Success takes time, but not that much

Success is hard, but it doesn’t take that long

If you look at success from this perspective, you can see that success is right around the corner:

  • Success is right around the corner from the first 6 months that you are all gung-ho and you set sail ready to conquer the world and then 6 months goes by and you realize that nobody cares about what you are doing or buys what you are selling.
  • Success is right around the corner from the 1 year mark where you have been “tried and tested” and taken advantage of and defeated and lost ton’s of money and still – nobody could careless about you and your dreams, or whatever it is that you are selling. 
  • Success is right around the corner from you wanting someone, anyone, to see what you are doing and validate you and your work…but, you can’t even get those closest to you to buy into that. The people closest to you don’t see what you see – it kills you.
  • Success takes time, but not that much

You are alone. You are tired. You are broke. You have nothing left. You’ve tried everything you know to try. The doors of opportunity are shut so tightly against you and the ones that open briefly are slammed in your face…..success is right around the corner from all this.

If you set sail knowing that it is going to take 64hrs a week for the next 3 years then you will begin your journey with this “how long it’s going to take me” understanding. Most people don’t begin their journey with this understanding. Instead, they begin their journey and the first time they come across a challenge or the first time they get told no or get rejected, they give up. If you’ve done this before…good.

Good? Are You Serious?

I’m glad you have given up before, if you have?  I’m glad you came up with an excuse a time or two as to “why it didn’t happen” (like me). This hurt, this feeling of failure is good for you. Why? Because it makes you realize this is not how you want to feel. 

What it takes to break out of this “never making it to the finish line” mentality is getting sick of it. Being downright exhausted from nothing working in your life is where you need to be. If you aren’t there yet, keep quitting everything you’ve ever started and you will keep getting the same results. Pretty soon, you can come back and read this article with a newfound understanding. An understanding that you refuse to hurt yourself by giving up, ever again. That is where you need to be, to begin your 10,000 journey. The road isn’t that long, but the bumps in it are big. You need “grit” and you need to know that the pain of regret and failure are too much to bare. 

Does all the pain and hard work on your 10,000 hour journey towards greatness hurt less than failure? The answer is, yes. It hurts much, much less. 

Could It Get Any Worse?

It adds to the “complexity of attempting” when you have failed a time or two or quit before, which is all that failure is. Those in your inner circle will roll their eyes when you decide it’s time to try again if you have failed in the past. Your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife will tighten up that pocketbook so fast the next time you decide to take a chance, it will make your head snap back. If you think it was hard to set sail before, you haven’t seen hard to set sail yet.

  • If getting started is hard to do and you do it, success is right around the corner.
  • If you can jump off that preverbal “ledge” again, in front of your peers, your family and the entire world and risk rejection, and risk failing again (which you won’t do because you are subscribed to Electrified Mind) success is right around the corner.
  • You must begin your journey, to get where you are going.
  • If it’s harder now than it ever was before in your life, then you are ready for success. 
  • Success is something you must be ready for
  • Are you ready?

Forget About It

Forget what others are saying about you. Forget all the eyes you have seen “rolled at you.” Nothing matters more than living a life of greatness. You must “be great to be great”. I know, it kind of sounds tough – because it is. Success takes time, but not that much

The day you have spent 10k hours working towards your destiny and it hasn’t come to fruition, is the only day that you can give up on yourself and feel good about it. The truth is, by the time you get to that 10k hours mark, you will not be the same person. You will have metamorphosed your psyche into an unstoppable machine at this point. You will have already overcome every challenge that could possibly have come your way in 3 years working 64hrs a week. Quitting won’t even be on your mind at this point. You will now be “ready.”

If someone told you a year into your journey towards greatness, “what you are doing is a waste of time,” you might “buy into that” (which is why you need to rid yourself from people in your life that would say something like that to you – which is another discussion we will have in another article)

However, if that person dared to have the audacity to say that to you after you have spent the last 10k hours of your life working on your dream, your destiny, your greatness, you’d laugh them up one side and down the other.

Success Will Come

Success takes time but not that much. Success is hard work. Success may come to you at the 10k hour mark and it may come to you at the 20k hour mark…but success will come. Success takes time, but not that much

  • Success will come to you when you stop caring about how long it’s going to take to get there (stop being me when I was 6yrs old). Stop asking, “are we there yet?” 
  • Success will come to you when “what you are doing is fulfilling and it is something you plan on doing for the rest of your life even if you never get paid. 
  • Success will already be in your heart if quitting what it is you are doing is not even a possibility for you.
  • If you are fulfilled and if you are happy, you have already achieved success. You are already there. The money is coming, all you have to do is keep doing what you are doing!

Is this the right way?

If you are heading in a direction that is not “your truth”, that is not “your purpose,” success will always elude you (even if you are making lots of money) You will never feel “whole.” You will never be fulfilled.

If there was something you could do for the rest of your life and despite the outcome, you’d never stop because it brought such richness to your spirit, what would that be? Answering this question is the recipe for scoffing at the 10,000 hours of work ahead of you.

You want success in life? Quitting ain’t gonna get it. If you are heading down a road, a career path, a new entrepreneurial journey and you are not 100% positive about doing that for the rest of your life even if you never get paid a single penny, you will come up short. Maybe not financially, but emotionally. Is money more important to you than being happy?

I’m not saying you have to continue down the career path you are intending to be on for the rest of your life, I am saying that you must approach everything you do like it is your last day. If today was your last day on earth, would you do what you are about to do today? If the answer is “no” you are going in the wrong direction. If the answer is “yes” then, success will be coming your way, because you won’t be quitting before it arrives. 

If you are happy going down the road you are going down “career wise,” then the success will come, the money will come…. perhaps it will come at the 10,000th hour?

Enjoy The Ride Towards Success.

Success takes time, but not that much. When you set sail, enjoy the journey. The journey is your life. If you are not enjoying the journey, you are not going in the right direction and you are more likely to give up.

When you finally get to where you are going, that is only a moment in time. However, the 10,000 hours it takes to get there….. is your life.

Success takes time, but not that much

When I was a little kid, looking out the window and enjoying everything I saw as we drove down the interstate, isn’t what I did. I wanted to “be there” and I wanted to “be there now.”

Enjoy your life. Enjoy the challenges you face because they make success so much sweeter. If you spend 10,000 hours honing your craft and you still haven’t arrived at your destination – it will have been the best 10,000 hours of your life. Are we there yet?

Life is a journey, not a destination.   

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Philip Isaac

"I hope there are days that excite you like when you were a little kid. I hope the oceans on our planet enable you to feel the magnitude of what our Universe has in store for you. I hope you laugh and cry tears of gratitude every single day." - Philip Isaac

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  1. Tamra Gibson

    I just LOVE this. You’re so right. To be great, we have to be great. I have no doubt you’ve given several people the hope and encouragement they may have needed today. We all feel defeated sometimes and its nice to know we’re not alone. I find that most of the time if we refuse to give up, success is right around the corner.
    Keep doing what youre doing. You actually really are great.

  2. Philip Isaac

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate your feedback!

  3. Kendrick J

    Love this article ! Full of truth. It’s really when you get sick of quitting or not getting where you though you’d be that you start your journey. Because you have nothing else to loose so you might as well climb that mountain ! IT’s not always to know what it is that you want to do (for me it’s creating, even though, I’m not sure what I want to create yet) but if keep on trying different things I’m sure I’ll find out.

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