Premuim Platinum $1325


Premuim Platinum $1325


30 Minute Interview

  • Please give us a call before purchasing this package. We need to discuss the marketing objective for the advertisement campaign.
  • This package includes research conducted by us (questions/topics).
  • You will provide all the ways we can find you online and we will handle the rest.
  • The interview outline (questions/topics) will be written by us and provided to you 48hrs prior to the scheduled interview.
  • Once research has been conducted, this order cannot be cancelled.
  • There is a $10 Monthly Subscription Fee (first month included with purchase) to keep the interview link and media player active (billed separately) which will be setup during the interview scheduling process (within the next 24hrs excluding weekends + Holidays).
  • Your episode will be promoted using Facebook Advertising.
  • Detailed Description (see below).


Premium Platinum:

This package is our Premium Platinum, white glove service which includes an advertising budget and ad management service. If you are looking to maximize your exposure, this package is for you!

What you will receive:

  1. You will receive an edited audio recording Media Player by Electrified Mind (renowned for interviewing today’s leaders in the personal development industry) to display on your website for your potential clients to listen to – so they can learn more about you!
  2. We are now offering interviews in video format as well!
  3. We will send you the instructions on “how to install the Media Player or Video on your website” when we send the media player and links to your episode. If you   would like us to install the media player or video on your website for you, just let us know! (Installation fee: $35 not included in price of package).
  4. You will also receive a link to your episode which can be emailed to your potential clients or posted wherever you’d like (we recommend adding this link to your email signature)
  5. Your episode will be advertised using Facebook advertising
  6. There is a $200 Ad Management Fee (included in price)
  7. Ad will run for 30 Days

Highly Recommended:

It is highly recommended that a “pixel” be installed on your website for this marketing campaign. A pixel will capture the IP address of everyone that visits your website (in response to the advertisement or otherwise). This will allow you, in the future, to run a “retargeting campaign” and specifically target, with ads, those that have visited your website. Retargeting those that have expressed interest in your services, (visited your website) will increase the campaigns efficacy in the future, should you decide to run another marketing campaign.

Pixel installation fee: $295 (not included in price of package)

*When installing a pixel, a privacy policy on your website is required by law. A privacy policy will be added to your website if you choose to have a pixel installed (included in pixel installation fee). If you already have a privacy policy on your website, it will be modified to allow the usage of a pixel.

Website administrative access (password) will need to be provided for this service.

We will send you more information after our consultation call, which we request you make prior to placing the order for this package.

Subscription Fee

  • There is a $10 Monthly Subscription Fee (first month included with purchase) to keep the interview link and Media Player active. This will be automatically billed monthly. Monthly billing will be setup during your interview scheduling process (within the next 24 hours excluding weekends and holidays)
  • Cancellation of the subscription will disable the media player and link
  • You may cancel at anytime
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