Same Ole Same Ole Comfort Zone

Same Ole Same Ole Comfort Zone:

Many years ago, I worked with a guy that had the same conversation with me every single day. Every day that I saw him, I would ask him “How’s it going today?” He would respond by saying, “Same ole same ole comfort zone.”

I liked this guy; he was a nice guy. However, this answer of his became annoying to me after a few days. I worked with him for over a year. It was a very long year.

Comfort Zone

There is absolutely nothing that is “same ole same ole” about our lives, unless we are “knee deep” in our comfort zone.  After we have done something once, we are comfortable with it. When we do it over and over, we get really comfortable with it and it becomes our newfound comfort zone. If we have experience doing whatever it is, then doing it again is not that concerning. Hence the term “comfort” zone.

Have you ever driven somewhere that you’ve never been (new place, new job perhaps?) You leave a little earlier than you should in case you get lost, you are “pinned” on street signs and looking all over the place for the building you are supposed to arrive at. When you get there, you aren’t sure where you’re supposed to park. If you live in a major city (like me), you might even get into an altercation with a security guard because you aren’t “where you’re  supposed to be” or at the very least told “you can’t park there, that parking isn’t for visitors” (speaking from experience).

This can be stressful. We are not in our comfort zone. We have never done this before. The next time we go to this place, we already know exactly where it is, where we should park, which door to use to enter the building, etc. It is no longer “new to us” and we are no longer “lost” or “uncomfortable.”

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First Time For Everything

The first time we do something we have never done before; we are unsure of ourselves. We go slower than necessary and we are pretty sure we don’t know what we are doing. Have you ever felt like this before?

Do you remember the first day on your job? Someone was showing you what they needed you to do and you had this, “I am never going to get this” feeling. Before too long, you are comfortable in your new position doing the same thing every day. You get so comfortable that you switch to autopilot. You might “be at work,” but you are “not at work” in your head. You are no longer challenged or stimulated. Your job becomes the “same ole same ole” (comfort zone).


This article is not about being on autopilot at work, who cares about that? This article is about being on autopilot in your life. Being on autopilot in your life is comfortable. You will feel safe doing the same thing over and over everyday (things you are familiar with).

“If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.” Being in your comfort zone and doing the something over and over everyday, will net you the same results (the same ole same ole ones…are you cool with that?)

If you are happy with your life, if you are fulfilled, if you are passionate about waking up every morning and you are excited to learn what the day is going to bring, you can’t possibly be doing the “same ole same ole” every day. You can’t possibly be on autopilot or in your comfort zone.

To be excited about the day, to be challenged, to be inspired and motivated about life, your comfort zone MUST GO. You can either be the person that answers the question, “How’s it going today?” by saying, “Same ole same ole,” or you can be the person that answers that question with, “It’s going incredibly awesome today, I’ve never been more alive that I am today in all my life.”

The Choice Is Yours

It is your choice whether to live in your comfort zone or not. I will tell you this, there is no “greatness” in your comfort zone. What do I mean?

Here’s an example concerning my life:

• I started a podcast (I had no idea what I was doing)
• Nobody wanted to be my first guest (who wants to be on a show that doesn’t have an audience yet?)
• I asked over 200 people to come on my show and got the cold shoulder repeatedly (rejection)
• Most people I asked didn’t even respond to me and the ones that did asked me how big my audience        was (gulp)
• This hurt. I was trying to empower the world. Why won’t anybody come on my show?
• I faced rejection day after day
• I considered the fact that this wasn’t going to happen (doubt)

Getting Used To It

The more people who told me “no,” and the more people who didn’t respond to my requests to be on my show, the easier it got for me to get told. Rejection hurt at first, but over time it had less and less of an affect on me.

We get rejected early in life and figure out quickly to avoid it (because it hurts). If you get rejected enough, you come to expect it. I woke up every morning expecting my inbox to be empty and I was right, except for the occasional spam. Pretty soon, getting rejected became the “norm.” Believe it or not, I got comfortable with rejection. Rejection no longer concerned me and it no longer had a negative impact on me.

This allowed me to keep “chugging on down the track,” until one day, I received an email from a lady that agreed to be the first guest on my show (I’ll never forget this lady, nor will I forget the day I received this email)

I was so excited. My hard work finally amounted to something. I was on top of the world. If you’d seen me prancing around the house, you’d have thought I was just awarded the “Podcaster’s Golden Globe Award,” or something. (I don’t know if that award actually exists, but you get my point)

If You Build It, They Will Come

The rest is history. Once I had my first guest on my show, the world took notice and began to realize what I had in mind – total world empowerment. I began having more and more people on my show and pretty soon, I was interviewing world-renowned inspirational and motivational leaders, authors, CEO’s, War Hero’s etc. Incredibly inspiring, empowering people.

Bye Bye Bye

Rejection became a thing of the past. Now, when I ask people to come on my show, they come!

Where would I be today if I didn’t’ step outside my comfort zone and continue to subject myself to being rejected every single day 10 times a day? I’ll give you a hint, I wouldn’t be where I am.

When we step outside our comfort zone, whatever our comfort zone may be, we risk getting hurt. We risk pain. We risk getting rejected and we risk complete failure and the embarrassment that comes along with it. We also grow…..

Growth is a necessary ingredient for success.

How To Grow

We grow by educating ourselves. How: Reading books, listening to podcasts, going to seminars etc.

I recently read an incredible book titled, “Leaving Your Comfort Zone – How To Lead Your Life From The Power Zone,” by Rene Johnson. This book has exercises and worksheets/assignments that walked me through the goal setting process in it’s entirety and broke me out of my comfort zone “like nobodies business” – incredible.

After reading this book, I completely understood the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone and I was also able to recognize and acknowledge any possible situation that was holding me back, or keeping me from my greatness (fear for example). I have never had a “clearer vision,” a “road map,” so flawlessly designed concerning my destiny than I have after having read this book. I highly, highly recommend reading it. You can find it here.

I also interviewed the author of this book, Rene Johnson on my show, Electrified Mind. We touched on several of the book’s lessons and “points.” You can listen to the interview here.

Please note, the interview doesn’t substitute the necessity of owning this book – this book is a “LIFE CHANGING MUST OWN.”

What Will Your Answer Be?

One day, as I am walking down the street, I will cross your path. I will ask you, “How’s it going today?” How will you answer my question? Hopefully, not by saying, “Same ole same ole.”

Live a life of greatness. Get burned a time or two. Learn from it. Grow. The only way to greatness is through the darkness: hurt, pain etc. Stepping outside your comfort zone is the Yellow Brick Road to greatness.

I wish nothing but greatness for you. Wish it for yourself.

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