Rhythm, Harmony and Balance are Critical for Happiness

Rhythm, Harmony and Balance is critical to living a fulfilling life. If your car’s tires were not perfectly round, how would you suppose the ride would be?


Let’s use the car’s tires as an analogy for our lives. If our lives are not balanced, (round) our ride too, will be bumpy.

The most intriguing part to living in balance, (at least to us) is that every aspect of our lives affects other aspects of our lives – they all connect. They are all “one solid piece,” like a wheel.

When one aspect of our life needs attention, working on this aspect allows the “entire wheel” to operate more smoothly.

We want it all!

We don’t want money without love. We don’t want a career without relationships. We don’t want success at the expense of our health.  WE WANT IT ALL!

We can have it all. It just takes balance (harmony and rhythm)

Let’s look at the aspects of our lives where balance is necessary.

  • Relationships
  • Environment
  • Adventure
  • Friendships
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Spiritual life
  • Intellectual Life
  • Skills
  • Career Success
  • Creative life
  • Family
  • Community Service

When you look at this list, you will instantly recognize the aspects of your life that need attention.

If it helps, you can assign each category a number (1-10) so that you know which aspects of your life you feel good about and the ones that you need improvement on.

Life is balance. If there is an element to your life that is not balanced, you will know something is missing. It might even case you to be unhappy.

Give living a balanced life a chance.

You will be stepping out of your comfort zone “at first.” It won’t be long until you realize ….that you are stepping into it!

Are you unbalanced? Tell us what areas of your life could use improvement and what you plan to do to improve upon them !

Philip Isaac

Philip Isaac is the founder of Electrified Mind. He is determined to reach the highest level of personal development as humanly possible by interacting with other world leaders through the Electrified Mind Podcast and absorbing all the knowledge they have to offer (you should join him). His overwhelming desire to make other people feel how he feels about life, drives him.

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