Never Give Up: Success Isn’t Going To Be Easy

Never Give Up: Success Isn’t Going To Be Easy

There is a Law of the Universe that we need to be aware of to ensure we are successful, whatever success means to you. This law is unbeknownst to many, which is why people give up. It isn’t easy going in the direction you are going in when you don’t see the results you’d expect in the amount of time you expect them. Never give up, it isn’t always easy!

The Law of the Few and the Many

One of the many Universal principals is the law of the few and the many. This law explains that there are fewer at the top than there are at the bottom.


  • How many poor people do we have on our planet?
  • How many Bill Gates do we have on our planet?

The Law of the Few and the Many sums up this phrase: You have to do what others are not doing to have the things others don’t have. If you are doing the same thing everyone else is doing, you will have what everyone else has!

When The Going Gets Tough, Never Give Up, Success Isn’t Going To Be Easy

This is an important law to keep in mind when things get tough. Most people quit when things get tough. Take for example me, when I started blogging. Every day I would check my analytics and find that nobody (0 people) were reading my articles. Ouch. I was writing day after day and nobody cared. Did I think I was wasting my time? You bet! I promise you I had my moments.

Did quitting cross my mind? Yes. How was I going to get the word out? How was I going to build a blog and a podcast that people cared to read and listen to? I had no idea. Quitting, believe me, was front and center on my mind.

I am writing this article today because I know how it feels to get started on your journey and nobody care. You work and work and it feels like the world is not turning in the direction you’d like it to (that’s because it isn’t lol) Even the people closest to me were not supportive. If I couldn’t get my best friend to give a fuck, how was I going to get people I didn’t even know to give a fuck? Logical question and believe me, I asked myself this question over and over.

I’m writing this article to encourage and empower you to keep going. Quitting is easy, continuing your journey is not. That’s why there are far less successful people on our planet then there are worker bees. There’s only one queen (it’s an analogy lol) Never give up, success isn’t going to be easy.

How To Never Give Up

I can only share my experience with you, and so I will! I kept going because I loved what I was doing. If nobody was reading my researched articles, so what! I was reading them lol. I was learning from them and I was becoming more valuable to this planet and other people in the process.

I loved what I was doing. I love writing and learning about personal development. I love using what I’ve learned to empower my friends and people closest to me. If I never made a single penny writing articles and interviewing world leaders on my podcast: I’D BE HAPPY!

The Secret Ingredient

That’s it! Happiness is the secret ingredient. I used to have a different t mindset that you can probably relate to. I based my value on the fact that I wasn’t making money and the fact that nobody cared about what I was writing about.

This struggle with society’s definition of success (you have to have followers + money) was having a profound negative impact on me. I was basing my happiness and my definition of success on what other people thought about it (if you aren’t making money, you aren’t successful for example)

If you aren’t making money and you aren’t successful according to society, then why would you spend 16 hours every day slaving away at your dream? You wouldn’t. You might give it a shot, but you will quit. You won’t be strong enough to push past that point of utter failure. The only thing that is strong enough to get you past that point of failure (when the entire world is ignoring your efforts) is your mindset. Never give up, success isn’t going to be easy.

Mindset Is King

  • If you think you can, you can.
  • If you firmly believe that you will not fail, you will not fail.
  • If you don’t care that nobody is listening, watching or reading, you will succeed.
  • Nobody that kept on going ever failed
  • Success is on another side of that point where giving up occurs
  • Knowing that success is on the other side of failure (quitting) is the recipe for success

Just think about it. If you knew with certainty that you would succeed and failure would smack you in the face right before success occurred, you’d be jumping up and down when you hit a snag you couldn’t overcome wouldn’t you?

You MUST see it this way. Looking at success from this perspective is the recipe for success.

Failure Is Strength and Quitting Is Weakness

Have you ever heard the phrase: “Fail your way to success?” You have now! Failures along the way are inevitable. They are going to happen. They make you stronger. They make you smarter. They allow you to “cross off your list that you tried that already.” Failure is progress wrapped in an ugly blanket.
Setback or small failures are going to happen. the ultimate failure is giving up. If success was easy, every single person on our planet would be successful, wouldn’t they?

Quitting Will Negatively Effect Your Self Confidence and Self Worth

If you think failure will negatively impact you, try quitting. I’m speaking from experience on this one. I have founded and quit numerous companies over the years. Why did I quit? Because I worked hard and never had the success I thought I should have had in the amount of time I thought I should have had it.

My self-worth and self-esteem have been crushed so many times in my life it, I’d take 1st place if there was an award for it. All these failures (or times I quit) made me who I am today. If the ship I am on right now sinks, I won’t be jumping off. I can’t. The pain of quitting hurts worse (believe me) then the pain of struggling to make it.

Quit Quitting

If you can learn from my experience, please do. If you are the type of person that has to get burned by the fire to learn “fire is hot,” I can only hope that this article will ring in your ears when you are going through it. When you get burned out from quitting, you will learn to stop quitting. If you don’t try your hand in life at making your dreams come true, you’ll never get tired of quitting.

Therefore, I recommend begging your journey, whatever your journey is, right now. If quitting is something you need to experience, then we need to get that out of the way asap. Greatness, success and your wildest dreams are on the other side.

Believe In Yourself

Before I write my articles, I read as many other people’s articles that I possibly can. Why? I want to see other people’s perspectives because they push me to challenge my logic. I came across an article about “quitting” that suggested there is a “time to throw in the towel.”

I can’t believe I read that. Please don’t “buy into that.” It’s horrible if you are going through a rough patch (and you will, you will be tested) and you come across an article suggesting that quitting, sometimes, is the right thing to do.

Is That All You’ve Got

Quitting is never the right thing to do. Ever. This article that I am referring to says, “Determine if your goal is unattainable.” Here’s the deal, noting is impossible. There is no “unattainable goal” on earth unless you believe there is. You must not ever give yourself an “out.” There must never be a “Plan B” and the day life is kicking you in the stomach is the day you need to yell up to the sky, “IS THAT ALL YOU’VE GOT.

The Universe just wants to know that you want what you want. Trust me, I have yelled, “IS THAT ALL YOU’VE GOT” more than once. It will empower you to do this. It will recharge you. Yelling this will unleash the lion deep in your spirit. You will feel invincible and the Universe will hear you and respond.
Put this tool in your toolbox, you are going to need it. Never give up, success isn’t going to be easy.

Never Give Up: Success Isn’t Going To Be Easy

Take a step back now and then. Take a step back and look over all you have accomplished along your journey. Take a day to be proud of yourself. You might not be where you intend to be, but you are not where you were either. Be proud of yourself on days that seem to have you locked in defeat.

The Universe loves you, but the Universe will test you. The Law of the Universe that I told you about earlier (the few and the many) will never be violated. It will never be manipulated and it is true right down to the atoms that make up our planet and our bodies.

Going through rough times will ensure only a few succeed, fulfilling the law’s prophecy. Will you be one of many, or will you be the one all by yourself, on top?

Never give up, success isn’t going to be easy.

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Philip Isaac

"I hope there are days that excite you like when you were a little kid. I hope the oceans on our planet enable you to feel the magnitude of what our Universe has in store for you. I hope you laugh and cry tears of gratitude every single day." - Philip Isaac

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  1. Ruggeri

    Once Herny Ford said, “There are more people who surrender, than those who fail.”
    Take it inside you. Is it really worth not trying? Surrender is not an option! If you don’t try, you’ve already lost.
    Chapeau Philip, you did it right.

  2. Lisa

    Too many people today are giving up, especially young adults. There are always jokes about millennials still living with their parents and it actually frustrates me because it does nothing to help them. Why not encourage them to not give up, make things happen, and put themselves out there? I loved this inspirational article and I will be sure to pass it along. More people need a pat on the back when they are heading in the right direction and less criticism when they feel stuck.

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