Morning routines can change your life

Monkey see… monkey do! What in the world does that have to do with having a morning routine?
Well, what if I told you that nearly all successful leaders report having a morning routine? Morning routines supercharge our day from the moment we arise and have a positive impact on our mindset!
If you have intentions of running a fortune 500 company one day – you had better have a morning routine, it can change your life!

The point is not to wake up every morning and have a routine that supercharges you so that you can run a Fortune 500 company (not that you couldn’t). The point is that a morning routine will help you maximize your day’s potential, which is an important factor in being successful, no matter what your goals are!

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning

If your answer is, “hit the snooze button,” then this post is for you. The snooze button is the absolute worst idea that anybody could have ever come up with.

If your alarm clock is set before the time you need to get up, you are disrupting your sleep before it needs to be disrupted. If you hit snooze 1 time and lay there for 9 minutes, you could have gotten 9 more minutes of valuable, uninterrupted sleep – but you chose to torture yourself instead and wake up earlier than you needed to – why?

Instead, try setting your alarm clock for the time you need to get up and then get up when it goes off. That makes more sense and it certainly assures you that you will get every single minute of sleep that you possibly can before it’s time to start your day.

The benefits of having a plan in place concerning the start of your day are immeasurable. There are numerous benefits that we will discuss later, but the benefits from these benefits are immeasurable and will not only have a positive impact on your day but also on your life.

Morning routines can change your life

If thinking about having a morning routine is something that makes you cringe, we intend to enlighten you with the beneficial aspects. Once you realize how important having a morning routine is to your mindset, you won’t dream (pun intended) of staying in bed and missing your morning routine.

If you are on this site, reading this article – you owe it to yourself to give morning routines an opportunity to change your mindset, and ultimately your life.
How can a morning routine impact my life

Do you have:

  • Stress
  • Poor sleeping habits
  • Poor physical condition
  • Poor time manage
  • Problems being on time
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Productivity concerns

Here are some of the ways morning routines can help:

  • Stress levels: Morning routines can help you to relax and have less anxiety. Having some time to yourself is a great stress management technique. When can you find time for yourself in today’s busy world? First thing in the morning, before all your daily distraction makes it impossible!
  • Better sleep: When you have a morning routine that you have created, and you enjoy, you wouldn’t miss it for the world. Once you experiment with different things that you can do in the morning (things you enjoy which we will discuss a little later) you will not want to miss it.

Having some time to yourself and supercharging your daily mindset (mindset is a daily practice) is something you deserve. Having time to yourself is a MUST. Morning routines can change your life.

Me Time

So, not wanting to miss out on your “me time,” you will go to bed on time instead of watching TV or doing anything else that is unproductive. Getting up in the morning for your “me time” will become a priority once you begin to do it. It feels good! So, going to bed on time will ensure that you get plenty of rest…..

  • Better health: Part of your morning routine should include “motion.” This can be going for a short walk or exercising. You don’t have to do this for hours; 15-30 minutes will do. Something to get your heart rate up is all you need! In a few months, you will have more energy and be in better health than you are today!
  • Set an example: If you have children, a husband or a wife, you will be setting a great example for them. Once they see how much more energetic and productive you are, they will understand the importance of what it is that you are doing.
  • Emotional health: With a morning routine that you enjoy, you will start your day of changing your physiology. When we change our physiology, we change our mood. You won’t be able to stay on the wrong side of the bed if you have a morning routine that snaps you out of it! We’d like to point out that you are human (we are sure you knew that already but, just in case).There will be days that you wake up on the wrong side of the bed – that is not your fault. What is your fault, is staying on the wrong side of the bed A healthy morning routine won’t let you do that. It is impossible to get your heart rate up and stay on a “pity potty.” Seriously, you couldn’t stay on the wrong side of the bed if you tried (morning routine required).
  • Confidence: Morning routines boost confidence. We aren’t sure how this happens, but it does. Perhaps it is the fact that you are alert more than everyone else around you. Being alert, and in a great mood, will ensure that you walk with a “pep in your step” and say “good morning” to everyone. You’ll feel confident enough to do so!
  • Peace: Having taken some time to yourself will give you peace when the world starts tugging you in all different directions. You will be calm and in control. When you don’t have a morning routine and the world starts to tug on you, you are more likely to feel that you are “behind” and that you can’t “keep up.” Feeling overwhelmed is associated with not having a morning routine.

OK, now you know having a morning routine can change your life, what do you do now

Let’s discuss a few ways you can develop your morning routine. It is important to note that you are not a robot. Your morning routine doesn’t have to follow anything we discuss – it is your routine -not ours.
That being said, we recommend experimenting until you find a routine that is unique to you and something that you enjoy and wouldn’t miss out on. After all, if you don’t enjoy it, you won’t stick to it. So, enjoying it is critical.

Wake up at “YOUR” right time

Your “right time” and my “right time” are not the same. You may have heard of the 5 am club. You may have even heard “that is what time you should wake up”.
That’s not true. If you must wake up a 5 am to get your morning routine completed in time, then that is your time.

However, if you can wake up at a different time and still complete your morning routine, then that is your time. It is important to keep in mind that we are not all the same person. What works for me not be what works for you. So, don’t let the early bird gang make you feel like they are doing it the right way and that you have to do as they do.

Too often we try to abide by “other people’s principles,” and that is an absolute, sure-fire way not to be successful, or happy. Come up with your “right time” by experimenting with different things that you find you like to do in the morning. You may find that you would like to go for a long walk, so you need more time. That means “your time” will have to be a little earlier.

Also, don’t be afraid to change-up your routine every once I in a while. Trying new things is a great way to stay motivated! Morning routines can change your life!

Eliminate decision-making tasks in the morning

Plan your morning routine the night before. This will not only alleviate you having to think when you first wake up, (which can be hard to do, and it will slow you down) but, it will also give you the motive to get up when it’s time and get started.

If you don’t have a plan before bed, you are more likely not to get up. Be excited about your new routine and get up and try it! Increase the odds that you will do so, by planning your routine the night before!
Be specific when you plan things out. List exactly how long each thing you plan on doing will take. This way, you can adjust “your time” to wake up.

Some of the things you should consider including in your morning routine are:

  • Drink coffee or tea
  • Drink water
  • Make breakfast
  • Meditate
  • Exercising
  • Listen to music
  • Personal development (learning something new)
  • Reading (something positive)
  • Affirmations (say positive things to yourself)
  • Writing (work on a book, blog, gratitude journal, writing thank you notes to people)
  • Yoga
  • Bathing
  • Grooming

Yes, write down everything, so you stay on schedule and complete all the wonderful things you have made plans to complete. Starting your day out having accomplished something (your morning routine) will also give you a boost!

Add something to this list if you’d like…it’s your day!

Be specific and give yourself the allotted time you wish to spend on the thing you come up with.
You may find that you like spending more time by yourself in the morning, which will encourage you to jump out of bed 10 minutes earlier the next day!

Morning routines can change your life

Do you have any great ideas to add to our morning routine list? Please let us know what they are, and we will add them!

We appreciate your feedback and would love to hear from you! Leave us a comment in the comment section below!

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