Manifestation + Visualization

Manifestation and Visualization enables us to create what we desire and bring whatever it is that we desire into our reality. This law is one of the many laws of our universe.

 Einstein once said, “Thought is energy, to create it (energy), just use your imagination.”

Thought is the creator of our reality

Nothing in our reality begins without thought. Using this principle (or law) we can bring into our subconscious mind any of our desires – and make them a reality.

One of the most important aspects of manifestation is your reasoning. It is our nature, as humans, to rationalize everything.  If we don’t “know how” then we don’t think “it’s possible.”

Therefore, manifesting our desires can seem ridiculous. If we don’t “know how it is going to work” then we are not likely to believe it will work.

It is important to know that the  slightest amount of pessimistic thought concerning the law of manifestation will at the very least, slow its progression down. In the worst case, negativity and doubt will negate this law and prevent it from working.

Manifestation is often misrepresented

There are numerous people “peddling” manifestation in a manner which is not accurate.

Why is manifestation and visualization misrepresented?

Because it sells.

We want to believe that we can sit on our couch and imagine large sums of money coming our way (but we don’t know how to do this).

We want to believe that we can “manifest” the winning lottery numbers.

This “wanting to believe” is capitalized on by predators (online) telling you “you can do this.”

They also have a book or a course they are selling that they will encourage you to buy. They do this by “not providing all the information that you need – so they say” …. if you want to “really know how to make manifestation work for you, you have to buy their book, or program etc….”

These are lies.

You do not need their “book or their program” to make manifestation work for you. There are books that can help you understand what the Law of Manifestation are,” but reading these books is not enough.

The power to manifest your desires is yours

You possess it, you always have.

If everyone can manifest their desires, how come everyone is not living a life of abundance? The answer to that question will come as no surprise to you (it is the reason you are not living a life of abundance)

  • They have never heard of the Law of Manifestation
  • They’ve heard of it but don’t think it’s real

If you don’t believe in the Law of Manifestation, then, it isn’t real. The Law of Manifestation takes your belief…. that is all it costs! When we say, “that is all it costs,” it sounds cheap doesn’t it?

Your faith is much more valuable than you think

If we could spend $19.95 on a book someone was selling that allowed the Law of Manifestation to work – everyone would own that book  and everybody would be living the life of their dreams. Unfortunately, the only person living the life of their dreams is the person that is making millions of dollars selling “that book.”

That doesn’t mean that “all books concerning the subject are bad.” It means, the book itself will not “make it happen.”

Owning a book, is not going to make the Law work for you, is the point we are trying to make – no matter how many of them you read.

How to make visualization work

Making the Law of Manifestation work for you requires both mental and visual discipline. The biggest obstacle we face in manifesting our desires, is our need to “see the staircase.”

What we mean by that is, it is extremely difficult for us (human nature) to have faith. We tend to want to see “all the steps” so that we know exactly how to “get there” before we believe it’s possible.

I you knew all the steps you had to take to achieve what it is you wanted to achieve, then there would be no reason to have faith, would there?

The Law of Manifestation – requires faith.

“Every bit of us in present, is consequence of, how we visualized in the past.”

Manifesting and Visualization 

The first step in manifesting your desires is to be aware of what your desires are (the easy part).

Write your desires down. Be specific.

Don’t just say, “I want a house.” Instead, say “I want a house by the ocean that is 10,000sqft with an 8-car garage and million-dollar view etc.

Be as specific as humanly possible.

This is your dream house, don’t leave any details out. The more specific you are concerning this process, the better.

Manifest tips:

  • Shop for houses online (us an online real-estate listing service).
  • Find the house that you desire.
  • Learn all about it!
  • If it is a car you are intending to meanest, write down the color, the make and model, the year, does it have leather seats etc.

Do not be vague. Saying, “I want a car”….. is not enough.

Use all your senses:

  • Sight: What does it look like
  • Sound: What does it sound like (can you hear the ocean?)
  • Smell: Can you smell the leather seats?
  • Action: Picture yourself driving the car or sitting on the couch in your home
  • Touch: Feel the steering wheel or run your fingers across the marble counter-top in your home. 

These visualization techniques will be done with you conscious – fully awake.

Feel, in your heart, how happy you are with these things in your life. Notice we didn’t say, “when these things come into your life?”

These “things” (whatever you are manifesting) are already in your life. If you are manifesting them, consider them having happened (because they will if you genuinely believe they will).

Be grateful that you have this power and be grateful that the things you desire – belong to you.

  • See it!
  • Smell it!
  • Hear it!
  • Feel it!
  • Believe it! 

The best time to manifest or visualize is when you are in a relaxed, quite state. A recommended way to quite your mind and relax is to meditate.

Almost all successful people, including athletes, use visualization to achieve their goals.

Manifestation and visualization can help you attain almost any goal.

Do you have a goal or desire that you are currently manifesting? Let us know what it is in the comment section below. Look through everyone’s desires while you are at it – it will inspire you to think bigger than you are!

Philip Isaac

"I hope there are days that excite you like when you were a little kid. I hope the oceans on our planet enable you to feel the magnitude of what our Universe has in store for you. I hope you laugh and cry tears of gratitude every single day." - Philip Isaac