How To Obliterate Procrastination: Knock It Off

Telling someone who procrastinates to buy a weekly planner is like telling someone with chronic depression to just cheer up. We have all procrastinated at one time or another. However, it is detrimental to our success. Today you are going to learn how to obliterate procrastination, knock it off!

What’s the holdup

The fear of failure (or success) can be a culprit – even though we might not understand that our subconscious mind understands that completely.

The facts

Procrastination is a choice. It is not a disease. It is not something you were born with. Yes, procrastinating is you! It is your fault and your responsibility to overcome. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m being honest. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it!

How To Obliterate Procrastination: Knock It Off

All it takes is recognizing what is causing it and dealing with it – which we are going to discuss in this article. When you understand the causes of procrastination, you can root them out and kick procrastination in the procrastinator!

There numerous  reasons that we procrastinate and once we understand the reasons and we begin to recognize them, they are easy to fix.

Procrastinators distract themselves (procrastinate) as a way of regulating their emotions such as fear of failure. It is better to “never get started” than it is to “get started and fail” – it is less painful not to have tried than it is to fail.

Procrastinators might not understand this is what is happening inside their subconscious mind – but this is what’s happening. Procrastinators tend to come up with really good reasons why they aren’t taking action.

Some of the things we come up with:

  • I work better under pressure (wait until the last-minute people)
  • It isn’t that important anyway (really, is that why it is keeping you up at night?)
  • I’ll do it tomorrow (try reading “Goose Goofs Off”)

Procrastinators try their best to deceive themselves as to “why it is better to put it off than it is to get it done.”

Why does procrastination suck

Procrastination kills dreams. Dreams can’t come true unless you get started on them and is more painful than doing the work.

It is critical that we eliminate procrastination in our lives if being successful is something that interests us.

Greek philosophers (Socrates and Aristotle) talked about procrastination. They called it Akrasia. (I always thought Socrates looked like the Lion in “The Wizard of Oz”)

Akrasia means “the state of acting against your better judgment.” So, it has been around a long time, perhaps since the beginning of humanity. However, it is detrimental to us and we must recognize and overcome it.

Procrastination is not good for our potential or our health. Procrastination has been associated with many health concerns:

  • Compromised immune system – from the stress procrastinating causes
  • More colds – sickness
  • Insomnia – can’t sleep thinking about what you need to do
  • Gastrointestinal problems – we won’t be explaining this one

If you want to stop procrastinating – then start doing the things you said you would do.
Yes….it is that easy. Only a procrastinating procrastinator would make it more difficult than that.
The solution is to…… “procrastinate procrastinating”. If you are a procrastinator – this shouldn’t be a problem!

Try this

The Ivy Lee Method

  • Write down the six most important things you need to accomplish tomorrow. Do not write down more than six tasks.
  • Prioritize those six items in order of their true importance.
  • When you arrive tomorrow, concentrate only on the first task. Work until the first task is finished before moving on to the second task.
  • Approach the rest of your list in the same fashion. At the end of the day, move any unfinished items to a new list of six tasks for the following day.
  • Repeat this process every working day.

Now you know how to obliterate procrastination and knock it off. All that’s left to do is take action!

Let’s not overcomplicate procrastination – getting started stops it.

Do you have something in your life that you have been putting off? Tell us what is standing in your way and what you intend to do about it in the comment section below.

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