How to Get Life Coaching Clients

How do you get life coaching clients? I am sick to my stomach with all the crappy advice out there concerning “how to get life coaching clients.” Article after article and YouTube video after YouTube video with the same “advice.” What coaches (who need clients) need are results, not advice. In this article, I am going to cover “how to get life coaching clients,” and my way works! 110% Guaranteed!

Driving Potential Life Coaching Clients to Your Website

Driving traffic to your website so your potential clients can learn more about you should be, above all else, your #1 priority. There are incredible FREE ways to drive traffic to your website that I am going to cover with you in this article that I’ve used – and they work! However, driving potential clients to your website that looks “just like every other professional in the industries’ website,” is pointless. You need to differentiate yourself from everyone else in the coaching business. Business 101.

Once you drive potential clients to your website, you need to impress them. I’m not talking about impressing them with a website you paid thousands of dollars to have developed for you. Pretty websites are cool, but they don’t convert. Pretty websites are not why people do business with people. People who hire coaches want to know one thing: “What you do and how it’s going to benefit them.” It is paramount that your website, your about page or bio, includes this information.

When someone goes in search for a coach, they will not visit your website and hire you without having visited numerous other coaches’ websites as well – that’s a given. Your potential clients are about to invest their hard-earned money on their future and making the right decision is their priority. You need to assure them, “you are the person they need to be working with,” and you only get one shot.

Unfortunately, that’s not what’s happening in the personal development industry. Every time someone who is considering a life coach goes in search of one they end up in the “sea of the same old same old.” I’m talking about reading the dreaded “about page” that everyone has. We all have an about page and we are suppose to have them. What we are not suppose to have is the same “about page” everyone else has – boring information about ourselves. Yuck.

We all “think” our about page is incredible. After all, it’s all about us and we’re pretty incredible lol. However, our potential clients could careless about us. They care about themselves and what it is that we can do for them. Our about page shouldn’t be “about us,” it should be about “what we can do for our potential clients.”

The about page is serious business that 99.9% of people underestimate, or get completely wrong

Every single website’s “about page” or “bio” your potential client visits is a “run-on sentence” of potential coaches’ personal lives, credentials, family members and even pets make it onto about pages. If you think I’ve lost my marbles, perhaps you should start visiting other coaches’ websites and see for yourself? Knowing your competition better than you know yourself is important when it comes to business. Go out there and see for yourself what’s going on.

Here are a couple coaching directories with thousands of coaches in them. See for yourself what other coaches are saying on their “about pages.” Try not to fall asleep.

Over the past year, my company and I have visited thousands of coach’s websites (not kidding). I’ve personally seen more coach’s websites than anyone in the history of Life Coaching (I’ll bet my life on that). This has given me incredible insight into what’s happening in the personal development industry concerning the connection coaches are making with their potential clients when potential clients visit their website, or lack of connection I should say.

How to connect with potential clients (like nobody else)

I interview inspirational and motivational leaders from around the world on my show, Electrified Mind™. The guests I have on my show (coaches and other personal development industry professionals) walk away with a professional interview with a company, proudly mine, that is renowned for interviewing today’s leaders. This interview is an incredibly powerful way for potential clients to learn more about the people I interview and how their services will benefit their potential clients. As a result of the success I’ve had helping coaches connect with their clients, I founded: Electrified Interviews by Electrified Mind™.

I never intended to “solve a problem” using my show, but it became apparent that I was solving a serious problem. My meaning and purpose in life, like yours, is to empower people. I realized early on that I wasn’t just “empowering people,” I was empowering the people who empower people (coaches). I empower coaches by connecting them with their potential clients in a unique, incredibly powerful way. I reveal the gifts of coaches and other professionals in the personal development industry to their potential clients in a way which helps them connect with their clients and grow their business.

The professionals that come on my show end up with something incredible on their website’s “about page,” which is unlike anyone else’s about page. This differentiates my guests from their competition and gives them a tremendous advantage over everyone else in the industry. The guests on my show’s potential clients don’t have to read another dreaded about page. Instead, their potential clients get to “hear” (hear mind you, not read), “why that coach is passionate about doing what they do,” and “why it is that coach they need to be working with and nobody else.” It’s a “wow factor,” that cannot be denied.

Imagine your potential clients hearing your voice and learning about how you are going to have a tremendous impact on their lives. Imagine your potential clients hearing you being interviewed on a show that interviews today’s leaders in the personal development industry. Credibility – It’s serious business.

How to get life coaching clients

How does this work

After you come on my show, I will send you a media player which has your professional interview! I will also provide you with a link that you can email to your potential clients (or put anywhere you’d like for that matter). This link will direct potential clients to your interview so they can learn more about you. I recommend putting this link in your email signature!

Once you’ve installed the media player (like the one you see below) on your website, all that’s left to do is drive potential clients to visit your website. I know how to do this in a sustainable way – I’m pretty good at it and you will be too once I teach you how! When I say “sustainable way,” I mean free. How long can you operate driving potential clients to your website if it doesn’t cost you anything? Indefinitely! Pretty sustainable!

I currently have, on average, 300 potential clients visit my website every month using the techniques I will share with you! They work!

When you get done listening, please visit “our reputation tab”: (see below)

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Electrified Mind™ is a unique way to establish yourself as an expert in the personal development industry as well as provide your potential clients an incredible, very powerful way to learn how your services will benefit them. If you are looking to get life coaching clients, you’re here!

Our ingenious way of turning professionals in the personal development industry’s websites into “client conversion machines” is the service we provide. Electrified Mind™ is here to ensure your potential clients, “you are the one they should be working with,” and we do just that!

If you’ve been relying on potential clients to find you amongst the thousands of coaches in your niche and thousands and thousands of coaches in coaching directories, it’s time for a change. It’s time for a change that works!

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How to Drive Potential Clients to Your Website to Get Life Coaching Clients

Marketing is 100% necessary to drive traffic to your website. If you have the most incredible coaching program in the entire universe and nobody knows about it, then it won’t do you or your potential clients any good.

• People need to know you are alive,
• People need to know what you do and how it will benefit them.
• There’s no way around it, marketing is the answer!

Marketing can be a challenge. The methods of driving traffic in this article are true, tried and tested – by us! They work for us, and they will work for you!

The main objective of any marketing campaign is to drive traffic to your website so your potential clients can learn more about you so you can get life coaching clients! Then what? If you don’t have a way to separate yourself from everyone else in the industry when your potential clients visit your website, driving traffic to your website will be a waste of time, or at the very least you will not convert potential clients into clients at a rate that justifies the time you spent getting them to visit you (also known as a waste of time.)

It’s critical to your success that you have a way to substantially increase your odds of converting your potential clients into clients when they visit your website! If you need life coaching clients, Electrified Mind™ is here to see to it that happens.

How exactly do you get potential clients to visit your site? You can either list your services in a coaching directory and hope for the best, or you can take a proactive approach – one that works!

What Does Marketing Require

Marketing requires you to invest. Fortunately, there are more ways to invest than financially. There are numerous ways to drive traffic to your website, many of which are free! This means you can sustain your business and marketing strategy to gain more clients indefinitely. Trust us, we are proof of that.

You will be investing one of three things when you launch a marketing strategy:

1. Your time
2. Your money
3. Sometimes, a little bit of both

Free Ways to Get Life Coaching Clients to Your Website

We will be going over numerous ways to drive traffic to your website. The more of them you put into practice, the more traffic you will have! The “free” ways to drive traffic to your site can also be “outsourced” if you’d prefer to invest your money instead of your time. We will get into that a little later.

Here are some ways to drive traffic to your website. We say “some ways” because there are new ways to drive traffic to your site popping up all the time. You might even come up with a creative way of your own! In this article, we will go in-depth about how to use these strategies effectively.

You MUST take action. If you start utilizing these strategies immediately, you will begin seeing results immediately. Your results will continue to grow as you continue to invest in your marketing strategy (time, money or both). We have had great success driving traffic to our website using these strategies. If you implement the strategies we will be covering in this article, you will have results too. There is no question about that.

Rule #1

Do not get overwhelmed.

The things we are going to be talking about are most likely going to be new to you. Therefore, you might get the feeling of being overwhelmed. Rest assured, nothing we talk about is “difficult.” New, perhaps – but not difficult.

Once you learn how to implement these strategies and begin doing so, you will realize that it isn’t hard. Once you learn this stuff, you will find that it doesn’t take that much time either.

Here are the methods we are going to cover:

• Guest Blogging
• Keywords
• Networking
• Sky scraping
• Commenting
• Quora
• Create a FREE Google My Business Listing (7x more traffic just for doing this)
• Email Marketing (we have a clever trick for this one)

Google Analytics

First things first, you need Google Analytics! If you do not have a way to track your results, how will you know if what you are doing is working or not? Thanks to Google Analytics, you have a free way to track your website traffic!

Not only will you be able to see how many visitors you have coming to your site, but you will also be able to see:

• What they were doing
• How long they stayed on your site
• What they clicked on while they were on your site
• Where they are from
• And a bunch of other useful information you can use to run a paid marketing cam-paign shortly!

If you notice that 40% of your visitors are from New York, for example, it might be wise to target New York in a paid, targeted campaign! Or, maybe you should slip something about New York into one of your article titles? “Why people in New York are stressed out and how a life coach can make a difference,” – for example!

Data is important.

If you see that a specific article you’ve written is getting lots of attention, maybe going deep-er and writing a follow-up article on the same subject would be a great idea? There is no limit to how you can use the data you receive to your advantage.

How to install Google Analytics on your website

1. Visit YouTube and search: How to Install Google Analytics for (your web-site host here). Your host will be wordpress, Wix, etc (whomever your provider is.
2. Follow the instructions in the video you watch (just follow along paus-ing the video to complete each step)
3. Once you have Google Analytics installed, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the dashboard!

When you first start looking at your analytical data, it is going to look like a giant mess to you because you’ve never seen anything like it before. Take your time to familiarize yourself with all the charts and data (each chart will tell you what type of data is listed). Take your time and go over all of it. You will find some data to be more beneficial to you than others, but it’s all there!

Now that you have a way to track your results, it’s time to begin driving traffic to your web-site.


Our story:

Electrified Mind™ began blogging a little less than a year ago. We now have over 300 visi-tors visit our website every 30 days (even though we haven’t written an article in several months).

Bogging is a FREE way to drive traffic to your website and it is our #1 preferred method, which is why we are going to talk about it first.

You might be thinking “this is going to take years,” but you would be wrong about that. You are going to learn how to begin driving traffic to your site immediately using this strategy. You won’t have 300 new visitors immediately, but you will have visitors. As time goes by and you’ve written more and more articles, you will begin having more and more visitors. If your articles are written correctly (more on that in a minute) all your visitors will be potential clients.

The coolest part is this, once you stop writing articles, (if you stop) the traffic will keep coming. Our blog hasn’t been touched in months and we have seen the same number of new visi-tors the entire time.

Here are the things we are going to cover concerning blogging

1. Using Google Analytics to track your visitors/potential clients (FREE)
2. SEO optimizing every article to maximize your results (FREE)Using the plugin YOAST to assist you and your SEO efforts (FREE)
3. Using H1 + H2 + H3 tags properly (FREE)
4. Using targeted keywords (FREE)

Here is a breakdown to ease your “OMG THAT SOUNDS LIKE A LOT OF WORK” mind.
If you write 1 article per week, in 1 year you will have 52 articles! Your visitors will grow and grow with every article you write. The more articles you write, the more traffic you will have!

Blogging drives traffic to your website and requires an investment: Your time! The more time you invest, the faster you will drive more and more traffic to your website. More traffic means more potential clients!

What kind of articles should I write?

You must write articles about your services (techniques you use, things you focus on, etc.) Do not be tempted to write “generic personal development articles.” Every article you write should have the intention of “reaching a potential client of yours.” If you write an article that is personal development in nature, be 100% certain that is speaking to your potential client. You don’t want “traffic” to visit your website, you want “potential clients” to visit your web-site – always keep this in mind when you decide on the article you are going to start writing.

If you write articles about puppies, for example, you will not attract potential clients. Keep this in mind and only post articles relevant to your business, your coaching practice, and arti-cles that directly speak to your potential clients. If you are a Divorce coach, then you should be writing articles on, “The difficulties of divorce when children are involved and how a di-vorce coach can help.” You get the drift.

Puppies are cute, but they won’t get you paid. Never forget this and never write an article without the intention of reaching your potential clients.
How much of a commitment is writing a blog?

Writing a blog article takes a couple of hours for each article. We highly recommend that you write a blog article of at least 1,500 words or more and SEO optimize every article (so it shows up when people search for your Keywords). We will cover SEO Optimization and Keywords later. The search engines like longer articles (the longer the better). Our articles are all about 1.500 words or so and they work very well!

So, start writing. Don’t even consider for a second that this is going to take forever. Your blog will attract potential clients to your website – right where you want them to be! If you need to get life coaching clients, you must get started.

Make a habit to work on your “article of the week” every day (block off an hour every day for this). If you have more time, or you can write more than one article in this amount of time, then do so. The faster you provide content to attract visitors to your website, the faster you will begin converting them into clients! Maybe you don’t have an hour per day? That’s al-right, work on it for 30 minutes per day. Or, maybe there is a day of the week that you can use to write an article? The key is this: One article (at least) per week – consistently.

Right now, you are looking at your website that is blogless and thinking this is a huge moun-tain to climb. In a few months, you will have 12 incredible articles attracting potential clients. Winning! Don’t overwhelm yourself – just get started.

How To Use H1 + H2 +H3 Headings Properly

When you are writing an article, you will have the option of using H1, H2 or H3 headings. What do they mean and how do you use them properly? When you write an article, you will title the article with an H! heading. You will only have 1 H1 heading in the entire article. The rest of your headings (or bold larger words before a paragraph – title for that section) will be H2 Headings. If you have a subcategory for an H2 heading section, it will be an H3 heading.

This is important. Yoast will correct you (give you a red light and tell you what’s wrong) if you use your headings incorrectly. You will learn more about headings as you start to use them and make the corrections Yoast tells you to make (hands-on experience will teach you for sure). However, just to have a basic understanding of your headings (H1, H2, H3, etc..) here is the idea:

You write an article about “fruit.” The title of your article is, “Fruit is not only delicious, but it is also good for you.”

This title would be your ONLY H1 heading.

In the next section, you start writing about specific types of fruit – Apples! Apples would be an H2 heading (because you can only have 1 H1 heading and apples are a subcategory of the articles discussion)

Then, you write about Bananas. Bananas would be an H2 heading as well. Inside the Bananas section, you have a section on potassium. Since potassium is related to your banana discussion, you make the potassium section an H3 tag.

If you think of your headings like “bullet points,” they make perfect sense! Headings break your article into sections making the article easier for the reader to read, like paragraphs if you will!
SEO Optimization (FREE)


Optimizing your articles will help you get life coaching clients because potential clients will find your articles.

How do you SEO optimize your article FREE? We use a free plugin available called, “YOAST.” Search YouTube for YOAST (and your specific website host: WordPress/Wix etc) and you will find numerous videos on how to install and how to use Yoast for your web-site! THIS IS A MUST. If you are not SEO optimizing your artless, they will not be found by search engines and nobody will know you wrote them. If you are not SEO optimizing your articles, you are wasting your time writing them. You want traffic to your website; your arti-cles need to be found. They won’t be found if they are not SEO optimized.

YOAST is easy to use and will give you “green lights” letting you know that your article has been SEO optimized (if you have a red or yellow light, Yoast will tell you how to fix it!) It is easy to use and once you get the hang of it, it won’t take more than 5 minutes or so to SEO optimize your article. Can you imagine writing an article that took hours to write and then not spending 5 minutes to SEO optimize it so it can be found online? It only makes sense to use Yoast and to SEO optimize! SEO Optimize every single article you write using Yoast.

*Some website hosts (such as Wix) have a different SEO optimization tool – instead of Yoast. They work the same way! If you are not able to use Yoast, then use your website hosts SEO optimization tool instead. To learn how to look up SEO optimization for your website host on YouTube and watch a couple of videos. For example, search YouTube for “SEO op-timization for Wix!”


What are KEYWORDS? Keywords are what people type into Google when they are looking for an answer. If you use a keyword that nobody is searching for, nobody will find your article.

For example: If you use the keywords (or phrase) “planting a garden on the moon,” how many people do you suppose would be searching for this information online? This would be the absolute worse set of Keywords to use when writing an article for sure. I will be my life’s savings that NOBODY is searching for this information online. So, how do you know what keywords or phrases are being used and how many times people are using them?

There are free online tools you can use to figure out “what keywords” people are searching for the most! You don’t want to use the Keywords that “everyone is using” so, finding a key-word that is used about 1,000 times per month is perfect. If you use the keywords that are used 86,000 times per month, you will be competing against every other blogger in the world.

Go for the low hanging fruit (it’s what we do, and it works) How do you know how many times a phrase is being searched? You need to do “Keyword Research.” Don’t roll your eyes. Keyword research is super easy to conduct and guess what? It’s FREE!

How To Conduct Keyword Research

If you want to know the secret to driving traffic to your website and get more coaching clients, you need to do Keyword research.

To get FREE Keywords research done, you can use a site called UBERSUGGEST.COM ( Just type in the words you want to use once you get on the website (in the search box).

For example, you type “How to change people’s lives” in the search box of the Keyword Re-search tool and up will come all the variations of that sentence! The program will even tell you how many times those particular words are typed into the search box monthly! Pretty neat huh? Remember to look for Keywords/phrases that are used about 1,000 times per month. If you pick keywords (or phrases) that are used more than that, you will have lots of competi-tion. You don’t want competition; you want traffic to your website.

Once you’ve found some keywords that align with the article you intend to write, write them down. Don’t just write down “one set” of keywords. Write down as many as you’d like as long as they all have about 1,000 searches a month. You can pick a few that have more and a few that have less too! You will be using all the keywords in the article you are about to write (the more the better). Don’t pick keywords that nobody is searching for. If the keyword doesn’t have at least 400 searches per month, we don’t think it’s worth our time.

Also, don’t write down the keywords/phrases that you won’t be able to incorporate into your article. You don’t want to “stuff” keywords into your article if they don’t have anything to do with your topic. Bloggers call that “stuffing,” and yes, you will get traffic because you used that keyword. However, it isn’t “traffic” you want, it’s potential clients (remember this).

Keep in mind that if 1,000 people are searching a phrase or keyword monthly, that doesn’t mean you will have 1,000 visitors because of that keyword. Other people are using that keyword too. You guys will split the traffic and depending on how much competition you have; your visitors will vary. You can also see “how competitive” the keyword is in addition to how many times it’s being searched for monthly. In our experience, you don’t need this infor-mation.

If the keyword or phrase is only being searched 1,000 times per month (or close to that higher or lower) then the competition isn’t that bad. Key phrases or words with 1,000 searches per month work for us, and they will work for you.

For this article, we typed “How to Get Life Coaching Clients” in the search box and found that there were some variations of this phrase to consider! We decided the phrase, “How to Get Life Coaching Clients,” was perfect for this article. We liked how many searches it received on a monthly basis (not too many) and it had a relatively easy competitors score!

Sky Scraper Technique

A great way to blog and maximize your efforts is to visit other coaches’ blog sites. Find an article on their site that has had lots of engagement (popular) and “one-up them.” This is called the “Sky Scrapper” technique.

Here’s how it works:

After you find an article on another coach in your niche’s website, write an article that is “bet-ter than theirs.” For example, if they wrote an article titled “ 3 ways to live a better life and how a coach can help make that possible,” you write an article titled,” 10 ways to live a better life and how a coach can help make that possible.” Once you have your article was written and SEO optimized (don’t forget to use keywords), go back to their website and comment on their article. Here’s what we say when we do this:

“This article is incredible. I also have a blog and I wrote a similar article to this on my blog. You covered (XYZ) and I missed those in my article, so thank you! I covered (XYZ) in my article and I see you missed those lol. I suppose there’s so much when it comes to the differ-ence in perspectives. It’s nice to see your perspective for sure!

Then, put a link back to your website ( When they post it, people that are reading their article will see your comment and click on your link. Why will they click on your line? Because they just read an article that interested them, and you just said you cov-ered aspects of the article that the author missed. So, they will come read yours (of they were interested enough to read that article, they will read yours with additional information!) How cool is that? It’s called “the skyscraper technique” to bloggers. Use it!

If this article was titled, “10 Ways to Get Life Coaching Clients,” and we wanted to sky scrape it, we would have written an article titled, ” 20 Ways to Get Life Coaching Clients.” Easy money!

Guest Blogging

This is self-explanatory. Reach out to other professionals in your industry (who blog because they know how awesome it is to drive traffic this way) and tell them you’d love to submit an article on their blog! If you are nice enough, and perhaps comment on one of their articles too, they might just let you post an article, especially if it would be a good fit for their audience (same niche). There you go! Write an article and hand it over! Before you agree to write an article for them, be sure they agree to “list you as the author” and provide a link back to your site (so people that read it and like it – can find you!)

Be sure to SEO optimize this article just as you would have done on your site. You want people to find it!

DO NOT SEND THEM ONE OF THE ARTICLES YOU WROTE AND POSTED ON YOUR SITE. Google “crawls” every website several times a day looking for new infor-mation. If there are duplicate articles on 2 separate sites, the “crawler” will mark both as “Plagiarism.” This will hurt you. This will penalize both sites and lower your SEO score. Every article you write must be original.

If you should ever decide to allow someone to post an article on your site, be sure to tell them “Duplicate articles are prohibited.” You don’t want to be penalized by Google. It can take years to recover from a penalty.

Leave Comments on people’s blog

Take a few minutes of your time each week to leave comments on other people’s blogs. Every time you comment, include your website’s address. We always plug our blog when we do this. For example:

“I love this blog site. I have learned so much reading these stories and I have even used them as inspiration to write my articles! Thank you for your work! (

People will be intrigued, and some will click on the link and visit you! This doesn’t take much time to do. However, the results are not as significant as using the skyscraper technique. You get out what you put in applies here – but, it does work. If you copy and paste your comment with your email address on as many blog sites in your niche as possible, that’s the best way to maximize the return on our investment concerning your time. This isn’t our preferred method, but it does work.

“I love your article, I wrote an article titled, “Ways to Get Life Coaching Clients” on my site and I’m sure your readers would love to read it!”

Answer Questions on Quora

We spend 10 minutes every day answering questions on Quora. Once you answer a question on Quora, it is forever posted on the board! DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO POST YOUR WEBSITE LINK IN THE ANSWER YOU PROVIDE. You may have your answer re-moved by a moderator (they consider that spam). Just answer a question that is related to your business the best you can! If a reader wants to contact you, they can click on your pro-file and get your website address from your profile.

If you answer one question on Quora per day for a year, you will have 365 answers posted on Quora. Even 10 years from today, someone could click on your answer, visit your profile and give your website a visit! Seriously, how long does it take you to answer a question? It’s a tiny investment of your time that is well worth it.

Here’s a neat tip: Write your own questions and then answer them. For example, we would write the question: What are some ways to get life coaching clients, and then we’d answer it with some great information!


Do not underestimate the power of the good old-fashioned business card. If you don’t have business cards, visit Vista Print and get some! You can purchase 500 professional business cards for $10. Search online for a coupon code if the discount they always run is not on their website.

Just think about handing your business card out to people like this: If you spent $10 and handed out $500 business cards to people you got in a conversation with throughout your day and one of them, just one of them took you up on your FREE Consultation (yes, these work well too!) and then hired you, how much money would your $10 investment for some business cards have made you? It’s a no brainer. Business cards are the absolute, most incredible way to reach potential clients.

When you have a conversation with someone that ends with you giving them your business card, guess what? They will end up on your website – right where you want them! You have something on your website (Electrified Mind’s Interview) that is going to substantially in-crease the opportunity to convert them into potential clients!

You want to know how to get life coaching clients? Get out there and say “hi” to people. The absolute, hands down, best way to initiate a business card swap.

Google Business Listing

Sign up for a free Google Business Listing. Did you know that companies with a FREE Google business listing get rewarded by Google? It’s true! The average of visitors for sites that have a Google Business Listing report 7x more traffic. Be sure to optimize your listing to maximize your results.

Watch this video on YouTube: “How To Setup Google My Business For Maximum Results”

Email Marketing

Here’s the deal. If you blast out emails to people you don’t know, you are more likely to end up in the “spam box.” People will mark your mail as “spam.” If enough people mark your mail as spam, your mail will be marked spam by the server and pretty soon every single email you send to anybody will go straight to the spam box. DO NOT COLD EMAIL PEOPLE. There is a better way, and we know what it is!

Instead of cold calling people via email, contact them on their websites using the Contact Form. That’s right, message as many people as you’d like using the contact form on their website and NEVER get marked as spam. This is a form of cold calling and it takes lots of time to cold email people, but it can convert.

There is a company that offers this service. This isn’t free, but it is relatively inexpensive:

For $49 this company will “cold call” via email 1,000,000 people on your behalf using this “contact form method.”
Here is their information:

*Please note that we are not affiliated with this company nor do we endorse their services, we just know they provide this service! Other companies provide this service as well, check out your options before making any decisions.
Paid Ways To Drive Potential Clients To Your Website

All of the above-mentioned services can be conducted for hire as well

We recommend If you do use Fiverr to outsource the above-mentioned services, please read all the reviews of the person you are considering doing business with (the good reviews and the bad). If you find a vendor that has a negative review, keep in mind that a negative review is not as important as to “how they responded to that negative review.” When we come across a vendor that has responded to a negative review they received in a polite, “trying to fix the problem” manner – that is who we do business with.

• You can pay people to SEO Optimize your articles using Yoast on Fiver!
• You can pay people to write articles for you! It sounds crazy, but it’s true! A quick Google search and you will find numerous companies that will write articles for you and you can also find vendors on Fiverr that provide this service as well! Just be sure the articles they are going to write for you are specific to your services (we like to pro-vide the topic and even conduct the Keyword research and tell them what keywords to focus on when we have articles written for us). For the most part, we write our own articles, but sometimes we pay to have an article written for us – which frees up some time!

We’ve had tremendous success using to outsource the tasks we no longer have time to complete on our own. As your business grows and time becomes a commodity, you will need to outsource the tasks you have been taking care of up until that point. The most incredible aspect of this is that you will understand what it is you are paying someone to do for you (you’ll have become an expert at it).


There are so many incredible free ways to get life coaching clients. The more you do, the more traffic you will receive.

Take action. If we were to say 2 words that are the most circle words in your entire life at this very moment, they would be, “Take Action.” If you have time on your hands, put that time to good use and begin implementing our strategies for driving potential clients to your website immediately. The alternative is to wait for your potential clients to pick you out of the thou-sands of other coaches online and call you.

Sure, that can happen, but expecting to win the lottery every day is not how you should be running your business.

The strategies in this book work. We have proven them to work. They will not work if you do not implement them.

Take Action – Today!

We hope you enjoyed our article: Ways to Get Life Coaching Clients. We’d love to work with you and make your life a greatness a reality!

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