How To Become Smarter Even If You Are Dumb As A Rock

How do you become smarter even if you are dumb as a rock? I’m going to say it’s safe to assume you don’t have this problem? But, you certainly know someone who does (you know who they are). You could share this post with them, it could help!

Disclaimer: If you are going to share this post with your boss, please do it anonymously. I don’t want you getting in trouble for “telling it like it is.” Maybe, just maybe, whomever you share this post with will be too stupid to know “they are the dumb as a rock person we are talking about,” and they will read it.

This will have a profoundly positive impact on humanity! You’d be helping our planet out by increasing the IQ of a rock (and we have plenty of rocks, one less rock would be awesome).

The truth of the matter is this, you can increase your intelligence. You are not born with a certain IQ and “that’s it for you.” You can get smarter. Who doesn’t want to get smarter? Some people desperately need to get smarter, but who doesn’t want to be smarter than they are right now? Nah, I’m smart enough – seriously?

How To Become Smarter Even If You Are Dumb As A Rock

There are ways to increase your intelligence and I am going to be going over them in this article! If you are a genius (which I’m certain you are -you are reading my blog after all) then this article will make you a super genius.

If you are dumb as a rock, this article is most definitely going to be life-changing for you! If someone shared this article with you, don’t take it personally.

How Do We Increase Our Intelligence

Increasing the neuropathways in our brain will increase your intelligence: the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. We can increase the neuropathways in our brain, and here’s how.
We are creatures of habit.

We find comfort in the simplicity of life. We know what we like to eat so we order the same thing off the menu at a restaurant for example. We do the same things day in and day out.

You might consider yourself a “spontaneous person,” but are you? If you find yourself getting uncomfortable when you don’t have things “all figured out” then, the answer is, “no,” you are not spontaneous. Be honest with yourself. Do you do the same things over and over?

What Am I Talking About

  • You go to the same places (restaurants for example)
  • You eat the same food (you know what you like)
  • You drive the same route to and from work every day (on autopilot)
  • You watch the same kind of movies (you like the ones that make you cry)
  • You have sex the same way even (like your parents probably did – I apologize for the visual)

If this is you, I have great news for you!

You have untapped IQ potential

You can become smarter even if you are as dumb as a rock. Every time our brain is challenged to make decisions (not the same ones it already understands) we create new neural pathways and our brain gets incredibly stronger because of it. With an assertive effort to try new things, your brain will begin to rewire itself and become better able to adapt to any situation you might encounter. You learn you grow and you increase the neuropathways in your brain.

With your brain firing on all cylinders and constantly being challenged to figure out new things and process new sights, sounds and smells, you will become a problem-solving machine.

At first, this “trying new things” will seem silly, like it’s not going to make a difference. Increased neural pathways in your brain make you sharper and increase your intellect rather quickly. The only way to find this out for yourself is to try it or is this something new and you don’t try new things?

Not Knowing What To Expect

When you don’t know what to expect, you learn. When you have more experiences in life, good or bad, you learn. I say good or bad because you will try this and most likely say, “fuck this shit” when you do. Here is how it will “go down:”

You’ll be at a new restaurant. You’ll order something you can pronounce (never had this before) and it will taste like shit. Immediately, you call BS on my article and not give two shits about your “neuro pathways and IQ.” Don’t do that. Bad experiences are just as good as good ones when it comes to your brain. You will increase the neurotransmitters in your brain with every new experience you encounter, good or bad.

Besides, you might like that “thing you ordered you couldn’t pronounce,” but you’ll never know whether or not you like it if you don’t order it!

Continue To Educate Yourself

This advice might seem stupid. Duh! I’ll get smarter if I learn new things. Being “more knowledgeable” about certain subjects is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about learning things you didn’t know and as a result, increasing the neurotransmitters in your brain and boosting your IQ.

Knowing more about history, for example, than anyone else isn’t going to boost your IQ, but creating new neuro-pathways will!

Learn something new. Listen to podcasts and read books. Constantly challenge yourself to learn something you didn’t know that morning when you woke up. Hear new perspectives and even debate the things you don’t understand (at least not from the other person’s perspective.)

Learning every day is more about increasing your cognitive function than it is about the subject matter.

Do Not Read or Watch the News

Interesting, here I am suggesting ways to increase your intelligence and now I am suggesting that you stay “uniformed.” Educating yourself and increasing your intelligence is one thing, bombarding yourself with negativity is another. There is nothing good about the news. Thinking “the sky is falling” which is what the news will have you to believe, will only feed your prehistoric brain (I might be exaggerating just a little bit about the age of our brains, but not by much)

Read To Get Smarter

Once again, I am not talking about accumulating knowledge, I am talking about triggering your brain to create! When you read, your brain activates your imagination. As you read about people, places and things your brain comes up with “what these people, places and things look like.” Your brain is stimulated is what increases your IQ, accumulation Knowledge is cool too, but that is not what makes you smarter!

The coolest part about reading to stimulate your brain and increase cognitive function and neurotransmitters is this: It doesn’t matter what you read! You can read fiction, nonfiction, a magazine, poetry, etc. Take your pick! “What you are reading” is not as important as “why you are reading.” Even when you are reading this blog your imagination is being overwhelmed by how incredibly awesome and gorgeous the author must be. You are getting smarter right this very instant and you probably don’t even realize it, but it’s true!


This word is big, I know. It means the plasticity of your brain (brain and plastic being the root words here). The ability of your brain to change (or stretch like plastic) throughout someone’s life. Our brains can expand basically!

You are getting smarter from the moment you are born! You can become smarter even if you are dumb as a rock!

There is a company out there right now capitalizing on this! Luminosity! This company offers puzzles and games on its website which are designed to increase the brain’s neuroplasticity. Does it work? Can we challenge our brains to figure out complex situations (or puzzles) and increase our IQ? You bet! Anytime you challenge yourself to figure something out or process new information, you increase the neuroplasticity of your brain. A group of Neuroscientists are the ones who invented Luminosity!

Eat Certain Foods

Some foods and herbs can increase the ability for you to remember things. Having a strong memory is the basis for much of the IQ testing done to determine someone’s IQ. If you can remember more, your IQ is higher than someone who can’t.

Eating certain food can help boost your memory and ultimately your IQ. After all, if you can remember more, you’ll be smarter than the person that doesn’t remember shit.


Meditation is an incredible way to boost your ability to stay focused. Meditation also increases neurogenesis: the growth of nervous tissues. The bigger your brain gets, the smarter you will be (unless you are a conceited prick – aka “big head syndrome”)

Do Something Creative

There is no limit to the number of creative things you can come up with (paint, draw, write, etc.) All these activities will increase the neurotransmitters in your brain!


Neurogenesis occurs in people that exercise regularly. Not to mention the increase in dopamine levels which will help you concentrate and also feel great! Also, exercising improves cardiovascular health which increases lung capacity. What this means for your brain is “more oxygen.” Oxygen to the brain is like rocket fuel to a spaceship!

Pass It Along

If you know someone who needs to know how to become smarter even if they are dumb as a rock, please help make this world a better place by helping us eradicate stupidity! Share this article with someone that needs a few more brain cells (we might not be able to increase peoples brain cells, but we can certainly try)

We appreciate your feedback and would love to hear from you! leave us a comment in the comment section below!

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  1. Mike S.

    I would say don’t watch TV in general. It makes you dumber over time, especially the news. I look around today and see so many people believing lies and actually going mentally insane over them, it is scary. I always said that the best way to keep the brain sharp is to do and learn new things. We have become comfortable doing the same things day in and day out and it really dries out the brain. Great read none the less. I will be sure to share it with caution. I know some people would be offended by it.

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