Hoping the Right Way is the Only Way
Hoping the Right Way is the Only Way

Hoping the Right Way is the Only Way


Key Takeaways:

  • Hope has “two branches” and it is paramount that you are swinging from the right one
  • Self efficacy, optimism and hope are all main ingredients for success in your life (whatever success means to you)
  • How do you use “hope” the right way?


Standout Quotes:

  • “I didn’t fail 5,000 times I figured out 5,000 ways it wouldn’t work.” – Thomas Edison
  • “There are two branches of hope. If you aren’t swinging from the right one they you are not hoping, you are doubting.” – Philip Isaac


Incredible Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Am I hoping with my fingers crossed and my eyes closed?
  • Do I know how to ensure my desired outcome and be hopeful correctly?
  • What will being hopeful do for me?


Today’s Episode:

Self efficacy, optimism and hope! These 3 incredible words are game changers. On today’s show, we dissect the word hope because the same words, “I hope this works,” can either hinder or propel you towards success. It isn’t about your “tone of voice” when you utter these words, it’s about your vibrational frequency.

Self efficacy is believing you have the ability. Optimism, or being optimistic, is believing things will go according to planned, or in your favor. Hope is what you do when things are “out of your hands.” It is critical that you do not say the words, “I hope this happens,” with your fingers crossed and your eyes closed. This isn’t “hoping” this is “doubting.” If you are doubting, the vibrational frequency that you are sending out to the universe is what you are going to attract – not a great outcome!

On the show today, we talk about using the word hope correctly. Hoping the right way is the only way!

Hoping the Right Way is the Only Way

Episode Timeline:

  • [00:40] Set the intention for the day
  • [01:10] Let’s talk about hope
  • [02:10] The two branches of hope
  • [03:40] What does hoping correctly do for you?
  • [05:50] What is self efficacy?
  • [07:00] Don’t mix hope and doubt up
  • [08:25] Outro



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Hoping the Right Way is the Only Way
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Hoping the Right Way is the Only Way
There are two branches of "hope." It is important to be swinging from the right branch of hope, or your efforts will be hopeless. On this episode, we talk about using hope to our advantage, which must be done correctly!
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Electrified Mind Podcast
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