Goals Breed Optimistic Futures And Success In Your Life
Goals Breed Optimistic Futures And Success In Your Life

Goals Breed Optimistic Futures And Success In Your Life


Key Takeaways:

  • What does life look like without goals?
  • How do you inject optimism into your life by goal setting?
  • Introduction to the Most Incredible Empowerment Book ever written.


Standout Quotes:

  • “Just Trying To Survive,” is the most depressing homeless person’s sign I’ve ever seen.” – Philip Isaac
  • “If you intend to be exactly where you are in life right now 5 years from today, don’t set goals.” – Philip Isaac


Incredible Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Am I carrying a sign in my heart that reads. “Just Trying To Survive?”
  • Would I like to be more successful and fulfilled in life than I am today?
  • Do I own the most incredibly powerful Empowerment/Goal Setting Book Ever Written?


Today’s Episode:

Setting goals correctly is a mandatory ingredient to cultivating optimism which achieving your goals requires! You’ll stand a better chance of attracting greatness in your life with a positive, optimistic attitude which goals provide, provided you completely understand the process of writing them properly. Writing down the material possessions you intend to acquire is fun, but it’s not going to ensure your obtainment of them. So, how exactly do you ensure the achievement of your goals?

The process for writing your goals properly and “Leaving Your Comfort Zone,” is contained in the most comprehensive, incredible goal setting empowerment book I’ve ever read which I discuss on today’s episode. This book was written by Author, Motivational Speaker, Leadership + Executive Coach, Business Consultant, Internationally Recognized Educator and Personal Power Expert, Rene Johnson titled, “Leaving Your Comfort Zone.” This book is a MUST READ.

Below you will find today’s episode and the interview I conducted with Rene Johnson. I’ve also provided the link so you can purchase this book which breaks down the goal setting process and helps you take charge of your life by becoming a “Driver” rather than a “Passenger.” This book will also teach you how to: “Break Excuses, Avoid Looking Back, How to Stop Second Guessing Yourself,” and so much more!

“Goals need to be realistic, but they do need to be a stretch. Doable, yet challenging! I say ‘slightly unrealistic’ in terms of the fact that they challenge you, but they are still possible/realistic.” – Philip Isaac

Goals Breed Optimistic Futures:

Episode Timeline:

  • [00:45] Declare Incredibleness In Your Life
  • [01:40] Sponsor
  • [02:15] Question of the Day
  • [02:45] Most Depressing Homeless Person’s Sign I’ve Ever Seen
  • [04:35] Just Trying To Survive
  • [05:35] My Encounter With a Cashier – UGH
  • [07:15] How To Inject Optimism Into Your Life
  • [15:02] Outro


Interview with Rene Johnson:

Click the link below to purchase the Most Incredible Goal Setting Book in the World!

“Leaving Your Comfort Zone by Rene Johnson”



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