Does Your Life Depend on Focus

Many people have a problem with focusing on their goals. If you are one of them, you are not alone. There is an interesting balance between being a dreamer and not focusing on a specific dream that we need to explore. Does your life depend on focus? Perhaps your success in life does?

Burn the Ships

In 1519, Captain Hernán Cortés sailed to Veracruz to begin his conquest. When he arrived, he ordered his men to “burn the ships”. He did this so there would be no “retreat” option. He and his men would either succeed, or they would die.

I’m not a rocket scientist, but I am going to assume that his men, upon burning the ships, became extremely focused on success.

Spoiler Alert!!!

They succeeded!!!! (its history. We aren’t making it up)

Are you focused

Have you convinced yourself that it’s “do or die?” If you knew you were going to die if you didn’t attain your goals – would you try harder? (that’s a dumb question ….I hope) Sure, you would. That is the approach that needs to be taken when you are on your journey towards greatness (and if you are reading this, you are on that journey).

Focus – Does Your Life Depends On It

Why is focus important? What if your goal was to start a business and be able to quit your job?
You come home from work every day and there are a million things you should be doing to get your business up and running.

However, you find yourself coming up will “other things to do”. We are not going to list the endless possibilities of the “things” you could be doing besides chasing your dreams – there are so many!
Life has its way of overwhelming us with options. Besides, what is one day of relaxing, watching TV, hanging out with friends, etc. going to hurt?

With this mentality, you re not in a “do or die” mindset. Perhaps you are “OK going to work for your employer every day” and are “OK with doing so for the rest of your life.”
Making other people’s dreams come true (your employer) is not your destiny. That is not your greatness and you know it…..

Focus – Does Your Life Depends On It

However, every day you have an excuse not to propel yourself forward is a day of retreat.
If your dreams do not come true, in 5 years you will be exactly where you are today.
If someone asked you, “where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?” Would the answer, “right where I am right now,” be OK with you?

Of course not. You want more for yourself and your family. You deserve more – and you know this.
If you are not spending more time on your personal development and your business than you are your employers, then you are more focused on their dreams then yours…and we both know your dreams are more important to you than theirs.

I know, I know! It isn’t your fault that you don’t have time. Your family needs you, you are tired, etc.

Here is the great news! The “Dreams Come True Genie” is real.

One day, while you are walking through a forest in a land far, far away – you will stumble upon a “lamp.”
When you pick it up and brush it off to see what it is – the “Dreams Come True Genie” will come out and make all your dreams come true.

I hate being the bearer of bad news, but there is no “Dream Genie.” We were lying to you when we told you the “Dream Genie” was real (sorry about that).


How important are your dreams to you:

  • Is being “tired” more important than your dreams?
  • Is “not having time” more important than your dreams?
  • Is “not having money” more important than your dreams?
  • Is “making someone else’s dreams come true” more important than your dreams?
  • What’s more important than your dreams?

Here it comes…..wait for it…wait……”My family, I have to spend time with my family!”
If that isn’t it – we are pretty sure you have a good excuse “in there (your head) somewhere.

Doe your life depend on focus? I think so!

What to do about excuses

Write down all your excuses as to why your dreams must wait another day. That should do it – once you have them all written down, you will realize how ridiculous they are.

NOTHING is more important than your dreams

If you insist that your “family “is more important than your dreams– then ask yourself this:

  • Are my dreams important to my family?
  • Could your family use more money?
  • Would you have more time to spend with them if you were your boss?
  • Do you want your children to follow their heart and live the life of their dreams (they are watching you)?

After you write down all your excuses, ask yourself if your excuses are more important than your dreams? Does your life depend on focus? Are your excuses bigger than your dreams?


Does your life depend on focus? It does. It truly does.

Step #1:

  1. Write down the reasons your dreams mean everything to you.
  2. Write down what your life will be like when your dreams come true
  3. Write down what the rest of your life will be like if your dreams do not come true
  4. Write down how you will feel when you are 90 years old if you didn’t chase your dream.
  5. Write down your “why.” Why are your dreams so important to you? Why must you succeed?

Create a Plan

Step #2

You do not need a detailed plan that takes you 2 years to type out – you only need the first step.
We do not like uncertainty. It is not in our nature. Our subconscious mind wants us to be safe – not uncertain. Once you have the first step figured out, take it!

Then, you can begin the goal writing process and outline what it’s going to take to get you where it is you intend to be! “Begin with the end in mind” is the old saying! The “begin” part of this saying is the most important part. You can’t get where you are going if you don’t begin! I don’t care how massive your goals are and  how detailed your plans may be, if you don’t begin, you’ve got nothing!

Safety comes in many forms. The fact that you wake up every morning and go to work for someone else is safe. You know you are going to get paid on Friday and you know how much you are going to get paid too (for example).

So, “hatching a plan” and only having the first step is an easy thing to do – but it is hard for us to believe that is the way to do it.

We want to plan it all out – right down to the last detail.

We need:

  • Scripts – so, when we call people we know what to say!
  • Scripts – so, when they ask us a question, we have the answer!
  • Scripts – There are so many questions they could ask us!
  • Scripts – We need to make sure we know all the answers, so we look like we know what we are talking about!

OK, now that we have the scripts category all figured out, let’s move on to the next “hypothetical possibility of something going wrong,” so we know what to do if it happens.

2 years later we have it all figured out. Or, do we ever have it all figured out?

Step # 3

This Step will “come to you” when you are ready for it. It will not come to you if you haven’t taken step # 2 yet.

Weird? No, not at all.

It is what most people don’t do. Most people “have to see the entire staircase” before they take the “first step.” That is why “most people” stay where they are. The rest of the steps cannot be written by us – they can only be written by you.

If you do not take steps #1 and #2, there is no “step #3.

  • It is up to you to have faith in yourself
  • It is up to you to believe in yourself
  • It is up to you to “burn the ships” and follow your dream with a “do or die” mentality

Does Your Life Depend on Focus

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