Finishing What You Started Is All About Your Mindset

Finishing What You Started:

We aren’t going to be beating you over the head with “You’ll get more done when you do what you said you’d do,” primarily because that isn’t the most critical aspect of finishing. Finishing what you started is all about your mindset.

Although integrity is a phenomenal core value, we aren’t going to be talking about having integrity either. We won’t be talking about finishing what you started so you can be a “man or woman”of your word. This article is about you, not what everyone thinks of you.

It’s not about what the whole town is saying about you. As awesome as having integrity and a great reputation is, that is not the most important aspect of finishing what you started. We’ll get to that in a minute.

First, let’s talk about the ways to ensure we are able to finish what we said we’d finish and then we will dive into why finishing is important (and it isn’t because we will get more done).

How To Finish What You Start

  1. It’s better to under promise and over deliver, than to over promise and under deliver:

    • Be nice to yourself. Don’t run around town agreeing to take on every project someone that someone throws your way. Put your bubbly smile away for just a minute, sometimes it gets you in trouble (sure, I can that! Smile! Smile!)
    • The next time someone tries handing you another responsibility ask yourself, “Why can’t they do that?”
    • If you are dealing with a serial manipulator, they will most likely offer you a reason as to “why they can’t do that” in their “pitch” to get you to do it. If this happens, don’t be tempted to offer an excuse of your own as a way out – you don’t need an excuse as to why you can’t do everything people ask you to do.
    • There is nothing wrong with saying, “No, I’m afraid I can’t.” You might even earn the reputation as the person “not to ask.” If you’re lucky!

2. Give yourself some breathing room:

      •  Don’t crowd your schedule so compactly that you don’t have a second to your name.
      • This usually happens when you have 5 minutes to spare and someone asks you to, “do them a favor.”
      • Being who you are, standing still doesn’t “feel right,” and you have time on your hands – so, why not help them out?
      •  The reason is simple, because you need that 5 minutes to breath.
      • A few minutes to yourself during the day will clear your mind and as a result you wil be more productive.

3. Be honest:

      • If you have inadvertently bitten off more than you can chew, be honest with everyone and “call a few things off.”
      •  This is never easy. When we give someone our word, calling them to tell them “we can’t make it happen,” isn’t easy. You can expect to hear a guilt trip launched at you if you do this: “But, we already spent the money on blah blah blah,” or whatever. It’s coming, you just don’t know what the guilt trip is going to be, but it’s coming.
      • The best way to avoid this is to not “over promise” as we mentioned earlier. However, if you do accidentally over promise, call it off as soon as you figure out that you aren’t going to be able to make it happen (don’t procrastinate about calling it off, it will only make things worse).

4. Understand yourself:

      • Guess what? You are human (go check, I’m serious about this)
      • Don’t expect to be able to be able to complete 25 hours of work in a 24 hour day
      •  Understanding your limitations and accepting them (you can’t do it all) will make you happier, healthier and more productive)

If you take the above mentioned topics into consideration when you are signing up for things, you will be much more likely to complete the things you said you’d complete. The key to finishing what you started isn’t about doing more, it’s about being reasonable. Expecting others to understand what is reasonable to you in terms of time management, isn’t too much to ask. The best way to finish what you started and insure your mindset is solid, is to avoid overdoing it!

Why Is Finishing What You Started So Important

The points we made earlier were to help you finish the things you said you’d do. There are occasions when this isn’t possible, which is when you need to be honest immediately and “get out from under it.”

However, these times in your life that you have overcommitted yourself should be a lesson. DON’T DO THAT AGAIN. It is better to not over commit yourself than it is to “back out of things you said you do.” Finishing what you started is all about the mindset, which is critical.

Finishing What You Started Is All About Your Mindset

This header is misleading. At first glance, you read the header, “finishing is about the mindset,” and you think, “I can do a whole lot more, all I have to do is have an incredible mindset.” Not exactly. That’s not where we were going with this one.

Finishing what you started, or said you’d do, feels good. Right? How does it feel when you “come up short?” Not good. It feels especially terrible if you let someone down and it feels even worse if you are subjected to a guilt trip too, doesn’t it?

Your Mindset Is The Important Part

Finishing what we said we’d finish does something to our mind. An incredible something. We send a signal to our brain when we complete what we said we’d complete that is extremely powerful. This signal tells our brain that “we are in charge,” not time, not resources, us.

Every time we finish what we started, we tell our brains “we can do anything we set our mind to.” This is much more important to us that the specific task being completed. This is a critical component of success in every aspect of our lives. This is why it is so important not to over commit and fall short on those commitments.

It isn’t about how others will perceive us, it is about the signal we will be we will be sending our brain.

How We Roll

When we finish what we started and our brain knows “that’s how we roll,” it builds confidence. Without confidence, where would we be? Trust us, confidence is king. We need it in our lives. It builds self esteem and exudes the incredible attributes about who we are. If you don’t have confidence, you should try it on for size! If you are a confidant person, you can always use a little more, which finishing things you said you’d finish can give you (not to be confused with arrogance, that’s another story)

It’s You, Not Them

Finishing what you started is about your mindset, it isn’t about your reputation or integrity. When you don’t finish the things you said you’d do, you feel crummy.

Use our tips in this article to ensure that you finish more of the things you start. Finishing what you started has much more of an impact on you then you realize. Be sure not to take on too much, so you don’t send the wrong signals to your brain by failing to complete the things you said you’d complete.

“Stopping at third base adds no more to the score than striking out. It doesn’t matter how well you start if you fail to finish.” -Billy Sunday

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  1. Kendrick J

    Very insightful ! I always struggle to finish what I start mostly because I’m afraid of the outcome (in art). A work in progress can always be improved, but a finished work also means that’s the best I can do for now and sometimes it’s frustrating when you can’t achieve the vision you had in your mind. But It’s very liberating to finish something and move on to the next.

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