How many people do you broadcast to?

The marketing tool which you are  purchasing will be installed by you on your website so your potential clients can learn more about you in a unique, very powerful way. Your potential clients will hear in your own words, “why you are passionate about doing what you do,” and “why they should be working with you and nobody else!”

You will be also be provided a link which you can email to potential clients. We recommend putting this link in your email signature so you never have to think about it! Everyone you email, will get it and they will be able to learn more about you and the services you provide simply by clicking on the link!

All of our packages will be delivered with information concerning “how to drive potential clients to your website.”

  • How you can drive FREE traffic to your website (that works)

People that visit your website are looking for a coach, our marketing tool installed on your website will ensure they know “you are the one” they need to be working with!

Due to the commercial nature of this interview, it will not be broadcast to our audience.

We do offer a paid promotion service if you are interested: Please see our Premium Platinum Package. This package is designed to reach an estimated 100 people per day with an estimated 5 clicks of engagement per day. Our Premium Package promotional marketing strategy will run for 30 days (reaching an average of 3,000 people and an average of 150 engagement clicks (visits to your website in the 30 day period). Please see our Premium Platinum Package Details for more information.

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