Obstacles in life can be completely avoided by sitting on your couch and not chasing your dreams – Problem Solved! (we solve problems around here) However, avoiding obstacles comes with a price – the price of regret. Is avoiding challenging situations in your life worth the price of not fulfilling your destiny? (more…)

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Mentors and How They Find You

Mentors and how they find you

Mentors find us, we don’t find them. We all know that we “need a mentor” to help us. Needing a mentor is pitched to us at every turn. Is it true?

Do we really need someone to help us make decisions and point out our strengths and weaknesses? Do we really need someone to “make connections” with valuable resources and help us along our way? (more…)

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Responsibility – It’s Yours

Responsibility is a very serious issue. When we take complete responsibility for everything that happens in our lives, we end up in complete control of our destiny.

You are responsible for your success and your failure (We know, success is your fault and your failures are someone else’s).

When we blame other people, we give up the right to change. We must realize that our lives, the good and the bad, is us. It is all us. (more…)

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The Importance of Rest is nothing to sleep in about

The Importance of Rest is nothing to sleep in about. If you are on the road to better days (if you are reading this, we would assume that you are) you know how hard you must work to make those “better days” a reality.

Your ambitious mind knows that you do not have time to slow down. If you aren’t pushing as hard as you can push, then the person next to you is, and who will win? (more…)

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Dealing with People that Don’t like you can be so much fun

Dealing with People that Don’t like you can be so much fun. There’s an old saying: Arguing with fools will just prove there are two!

If you know there is a reason for people not to like you, (or, a specific person) you need to work on that. Being around people who you don’t get along with is not healthy. Sometimes, we are forced to be around these people (at work for example). (more…)

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