Being Assertive Is Not Just Your Business It’s Ours
Being Assertive Is Not Just Your Business It's Ours

Being Assertive Is Not Just Your Business It’s Ours


Key Takeaways:

  • Being assertive has nothing to do with being aggresive
  • What to do when your assertiveness takes the back seat
  • The damaging affects of not being assertive and how to avoid them


Standout Quotes:

  • “You have an obligation to share your ideas, perspectives and whatever else is on your mind.” – Philip Isaac
  • “The person that ‘runs their mouth all the time’ is not considered to be assertive. People that do all the talking lose their right to be heard.” – Philip Isaac


Incredible Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Have I ever had something to say but bit my tongue instead?
  • Have I ever felt that my idea was dumb or that nobody would care about it?
  • When was the last time I “kept my idea to myself” instead of shared it? How did that make me feel?


Today’s Episode:

It is not uncommon for people to destroy the word assertiveness by being overbearing or aggressive. When you are assertive, you are not afraid to share your input and (here’s the catch) you welcome other people’s input too! Assertiveness is a balance between listening and talking – not too much of one or the other.

When you master the incredible communication skill of being assertive, those around you will be waiting to hear what you have to say. Listening intently to others purchases you the right to have you moment – time for you to speak and be listened to!

Eye contact, injecting passion into your tone of voice (do not be boring) and being comfortable with that “moment of silence” when you are talking to others are a few ways to be more assertive. Never be afraid to share your thoughts with others. Your ideas are not any less important than anybody else’s (neither are they more important – true assertiveness)

Being Assertive Is Not Just Your Business, It’s Ours

Episode Timeline:

  • [00:40] Set the intention for the day
  • [01:10] Why you are here
  • [02:42] What is being assertive?
  • [04:10] What assertiveness “is not.”
  • [6:25] Have you ever bit your tongue and failed to speak up?
  • [7:05] How not being assertive can harm us
  • [09:05] Example of assertiveness
  • [10:00] Simple ways to be more assertive
  • [13:29] Outro



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Being Assertive Is Not Just Your Business, It's Ours
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Being Assertive Is Not Just Your Business, It's Ours
You have an obligation to be assertive. We deserve to hear your ideas, view points and whatever else you have on your mind. You were not born to be a "fly on the wall." You were born to share your unique perspectives with the world. On This episode we talk about being assertive, how to be more assertive and the harm not being assertive can do to you!
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Electrified Mind Podcast
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