If you are ready to be you, you are here!  Being “us” is not an easy thing to do.


I have an overwhelming desire to “fit in,” to “be loved by all.” This comes with a price – the price of not being me. I “mirror” whomever I am having a conversation with and they walk away thinking, “I think like them.” People like people that think like them (or people they think, think like them).

  • I am looking for people that are tired of being “someone else.”
  • I am looking for people that are ready to share their spirit, their gorgeous imperfections, their feelings and emotions with the world.
  • I am looking for people that are ready to love themselves (every single aspect of themselves).
  • I am also looking for people that understand this process and can come on the show and teach (Psychologists, Life Coaches, Etc.)
  • Not being true to ourselves and others is a serious sadness I wish to eradicate.

Our imperfections, our pain, guilt, and shame have molded us into who we are today. Why are we not proud of everything we’ve learned? Why does shame and guilt prevail? Time for a change, a big one!

If you’d like to be on the show and share your story, please contact me (below). You will not be “pushed” to share your story. You will only be asked to share what you are comfortable with sharing.

Take the first step and share “low hanging fruit,” or “go all the way.” Your call!

I look forward to your courage. Even a small step is a big one!

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