5 Ways to Conquer the Most Causes of Procrastination

Letting things pile up is not a health thing to do!

How to Conquer the Most Common Causes of Procrastination

Are you ready to stop procrastinating and make this year your most productive ever? Here’s a look at how to conquer the most common causes of procrastination.

5 Ways to Conquer the Most Causes of Procrastination and Take Back Control of Your Life: Do you find yourself waiting until the last-minute to accomplish certain tasks? Do you tell yourself the white lie that you work better under pressure? Do you put things off until the last-minute in favor of present gains?

Then you may be a chronic procrastinator. And unfortunately, it’s not the best trait to have. Procrastination affects your health, performance, mental state, stress levels. . .

In fact, chronic procrastination contributes to anything from cardiovascular disease to hypertension. But don’t fret! It’s not too late to change your ways – unless you procrastinate and it really is too late (we doubt it).

What are the most common causes of procrastination? And how can you combat them? Hurry up and find out before your Instagram feed distracts you! Here are the 5 Ways to Conquer the Most Causes of Procrastination and Take Back Control of Your Life:

1. Your Role Models Taught You to Procrastinate

Let’s say your older sister is creative, successful, fun, and your #1 role model. But, she may have a little bit of a procrastination issue. And instead of viewing it as something undesirable, you see the trait as a cool quirk.

Wrong! Behind closed doors, your sister may feel stress out the wazoo and not admitting it to you. While it’s great to have role models, you must also learn from their bad judgment.

On the flip side, your role model may have been a strict anti-procrastinator.

Say your dad was a fan of tough love. He expected the best from you, and he expected it right on time. Now, as an adult, you find yourself rebelling against tight deadlines.

Assess your role models and use them as inspiration to make your life better.

2. You Suffer from Lack of Motivation

What does MD and author of the Feel Good Handbook, David Burns, have to say about motivation? “If you’re waiting for motivation, you’ll be waiting forever!”

No one wants to shovel their driveway. No one wants to write a 20-page research paper. The “doing” comes first, and the “motivation” comes second.

Are you putting something off because of lack of motivation? Dive headfirst into the project and let motivation fruition.

3. You Focus on Present Pleasure

The way you’re thinking about your happiness may be a bit skewed. Do you put off rewarding (or difficult) tasks in favor of today’s gains? You’re setting your future self up for unhappiness and stress.

You are your future self. Don’t allow them to be unhappy. Set yourself up for success – now and later.

4. Your Anxiety Stands in the Way

Or your laziness. Or your daunting fear of success or failure. These are a little harder to tackle, but worth the battle.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “You may delay, but time will not.” Use this as motivation to fight whatever stands in your way. Your anxiety will only continue to grow as you procrastinate.

Remember, it’s later than you think!

5. Your Time-Management Leaves Much to Be Desired

Charles Dickens once wrote, “Procrastination is the thief of time; collar him.”

Do you find yourself struggling to manage your time? If something is due in six weeks, do you find yourself starting on week five (and a half)? Do you spend hours scrolling social media or news sites and then feel rushed on deadlines?

Start keeping a planner. Make (short) to-do lists – and don’t rewrite or rearrange them. This feels like you’re accomplishing something when you’re not.

Spend a week writing down how much time you spend on pleasurable activities or boring chores. Adjust accordingly.

The Causes of Procrastination Come down to You

Us humans are an idiosyncratic bunch. The causes of procrastination for you won’t necessarily be the same for everyone else. So if your symptoms aren’t on this list, don’t disregard it.

Instead, reflect on yourself, your time-management, and your performance. There are always ways to become better!

Don’t wait another moment to start your journey (no, really, get started right now – hurry!). Go out in the world and get it done!

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